Jay :

Uh...yeah....*Cough* This is the prologue to this story, TPoL. (Might as well go with that; Something Beyond Nothing doesn't have the same kind of ring. Anyways, this is short because, obviously, it is a PROLOGUE. I suck at writing in first person (or at least I suck at writing serious first person; stuff where you can joke around in is so much easier) too, so that's why it's short and crappy and ugh. I'll try to do better on later third person chapters. But just so you know, this is supposed to be confusing, supposed to make you think "Uh..What?". Who is this Charrie you ask? YOU SHALL FIND OUT.

....Much, much later. *Brick'd*

Everything is gone.

Was everything planned, like they all said? Like somehow we deserved it? Somehow, someway, we'd made God angry, and this was our divine punishment? Or was it just a case of pure bad luck, simple and plain as that? I don't know...I didn't know so many things. Was it this ignorance that had kept me out of the light, blissfully unaware of the horrors that lay behind the door of the world? Or had I noticed it all along, yet had just never bothered to accept it?

You're the only one who would start thinking like a preach in such a situation, snickered the boy beside me, the one with the raggedy old sweater and torn bell bottom jeans. Honestly, I would have thought better of you. Strangely, his face held none of the laughter that racked his distant voice, and the swirling white cold did nothing to faze his saddened expression.

I turned my head to the side, every muscle and every bone groaning with the effort. My mind was blank; who was he? Something told me I knew him, but for the life of me I couldn't remember. Nothing but holes, nothing but faded, dying memories, that was all that came to mind. And as the breeze blew harder than ever, the frozen boy disappeared along with it.


Hours seemed to pass as my feet dragged on, my body weary from exhaustion and my hands numb from exposure. Soon nothing was real; not my past, not my future, just the barren wasteland in front of me. My entire existence now focused entirely on keeping one foot in front of the other; no more, no less. There was no destination; just a breaking will to keep going. To keep alive.

But I can't keep going like this...Not just running in random directions, hoping my nothing will turn into something. Hoping shadows will turn into the lost, hoping wherever my feet take me will be my haven...There isn't anything. Nothing, that's all there is. No hopes, no dreams, no friends, no escape.

Everything is gone. Everyone is gone. And I'm all that's left.