The Summer Season

Sea's breeze

Pulling out the weeds

From the backyard,

Underneath the fruit trees

Relaxing and hanging out

Going down to the beach,

Swinging in the park

Hearing all the neighborhood dogs bark,

Watching the waves bash

And the clumsy children crash,

The jungle gym's free

Now let's go play, you and me

The day ends

Now my friend,

Tomorrow let's do it all again

This is summer,

Having so much fun,

Right now what's set is just the sun

Midnight dancing under the stars,

Searching through the sky, looking afar

Playing pretend and having happy wars

These summers we did

Our imaginations soared

And all that's said,

Is what summer season is,

But enough talking,

Let's get down to that "biz"

A/N: Another poem that I wrote on a whim. It was just last night that I wrote it, in the time I was supposed to be sleeping too. I hope you liked it!

Maybe a little bit? Haha, I'll only know if you review. And I do not care if you actually liked it. But just tell me what you thought of this one, okay?