32- The Hardest Part is Saying Goodbye

Today was Thursday. One more day and I would be home. So why didn't that make me feel any better? My parents had wrapped up all the final pieces of the movie business. My manager and publicist had set up a press conference to publically announce the end of the movie, and our return toBeverly Hills. Everything seemed to be coming together very nicely. Brook's aunt and uncle were sceptical about allowing her to move away, but they understood how she felt. Besides, in a few months she'd bet eighteen and a legal adult, and she'd just move in then. Ryan's father had his main office set up in LA, and Ryan would be working for him this summer.

It was the last day in the hotel room that Jake and I had occupied for several months now. I looked around the room that had come to substitute for home. It was an absolute mess, clothes everywhere, pillows, pictures, song lyrics and sports equipment. I grinned when I saw how it had a definite mix of Jake and me. I looked around wondering where to start. I had started packing, which really meant nothing. I turned on some music, and began gathering all my clothes. Every now and then a sad love song would come on, and I'd stop and tears would spring into my eyes. I couldn't get over him that fast, and no matter how bold of a face I put on for my friends, they always knew. Ryan wasn't here too often, but whenever he was, he asked strange questions. I knew he was up to something, but he wouldn't tell me anything.

I sighed and decided I really needed to pack. A few hours later, I had packed all my clothes and most of my belongings. I looked around checking to see if I had forgotten anything. I looked up, and I saw Kim's painting. I took it off the wall where it was hanging; I smiled and put it over the rest of my things. Satisfied that most of my things were packed, I glanced at Jake's side of the room wondering if I should help him out. Shrugging I figured he probably didn't want me going through his things. I glanced at the clock, it was five; I decided to spend the last night out, though desperate not to go anywhere that would remind me of him. The last thought I had, was if he even knew I was leaving.


The last week of school went by uneventfully. I was completely withdrawn from everyone around me. I barely even spoke to Ryan, who didn't take it offensively, claiming I was in love. Luckily, Anna hadn't come to school the last week, though attendance wasn't mandatory. I vainly wondered if it was because of me, but I squished that thought away. I focused on actually passing my exams. I did well in school, however lately because of a certain ex-girlfriend, I hadn't been focusing enough. I didn't hate her, or know what to think of her at all. I still hadn't thought about our break-up, or even if I wanted to get back together with her. I knew I did love her, but I didn't know what I wanted to do about it. I decided it'd be best if we just had a little time apart.

The day of exams I saw her, though I didn't think she saw me. She was a little different, quieter somehow, but who was I to judge? Not really caring about the exams, I was just glad they were over. I walked out of the last one, ignoring the happy students around me. Many of them waved or said hello, again I just ignored them. I made my way out of the school and into the field, where I saw Anna with Brook. The two were oblivious to their surroundings laughing and jumping up and down. Curious, I stopped where I was and just watched for a little while. A small simle came to my face when I saw her silly behaviour. Not long after, Ryan and Jake came out. Ryan noticed me, and smirked, walking to my side.

"Hey there, funny seeing you here." He said laughing, when he was near me.

I frowned. "Great." I wasn't in the mood for his teasing, or any comments on his behalf pertaining to Anna.

"So, how come you're just standing here, doing nothing?" Ryan said knowing exactly what it was that I was doing.

"Leave me alone." I said turning away from my brother.

"Why would I do that?"

"Ryan seriously, I'm not in the mood."

"Still hung up over her huh?" Ryan commented.

I sighed, and opted not to say anything. Anna was on the phone now, she was pacing a little nervous. She still hadn't noticed me, but I strained my ears to hear her.

"You know, what you're doing can be considered stalking and eavesdropping." Ryan said smirking.

"Whatever." I said not bothering to defend myself.

"I love you too." I heard Anna say, and I frowned. How could I have even thought I meant anything to her? I only wished I could get over her all that faster. Angry, I stormed off not caring about Ryan who was behind me, trying to be rational.

I spent the next few days at home, and anywhere where I could be alone. Ryan tried to make me feel better, but still angry I wouldn't listen to him. I knew he still talked to Anna, and every now and then, he would bring her up. He'd tell me things about how she was doing, and I'd pretend to ignore him, but really I was slightly curious.

"Guess what Hayden?" Ryan said one day, walking into my room.

"What now?" I said sighing, seriously thinking about getting a lock.

"Uh, so much for guessing." He said dryly, leaning against the door frame.

"Either tell me or leave." I said bluntly, eyeing him cautiously.

"Jeez man, calm down. I don't know how she puts up with you." Seeing the look on my face, Ryan hurried on to say what he'd come here to say. "Dad wants to see us."

I leaned back in surprise. Of all the things Ryan could have said, that one I was not expecting. "Why?" I demanded suspicious.

Ryan turned away, and shrugged. "Don't know but better hurry, he doesn't like to wait."

I complained under my breath, but complied none the less, trailing after Ryan. I had not even know my father was home, and now he wanted to see us? Something is definitely up.

Ryan and I walked down to our father's study, where he was at the desk looking through some papers.

"Boys." He said looking up for a second.

"Father." We replied. This was always the way we greeted one another. There were no pleasantries exchanged, no hugs; we weren't even called by our names most times.

"Sit down." He commanded, finishing up with the papers he had, and looking at us.

We sat nervously. This 'meeting' with our dad felt more like a meeting with the principal after getting in a crap-load of trouble.

He surveyed us for a second, before beginning to speak. "Well boys, you have just finished up your junior year in high school, and you'll soon be eighteen." Soon? We just turned seventeen, not that he would know. "So, I think it's time you had a go in the company." I looked up at him ready to protest.

He gave us both a look that clearly said 'don't argue', so I just slouched back into my seat. There was no point in protesting.

"Well then, you'll begin immediately here. Afterwards, in a few weeks, you'll come down to the head office, and spend the summer there." He looked up at us. "Who knows? We may even permanently move, seeing as though I don't come up here often, and you're mother is never here."

Ryan and I looked at each other in shock. Moving away? Just like that? I sighed and thought it over for a second. What did I really have here? It was probably best to start over somewhere else. I looked at my dad whose tone was very bitter. Usually I would have put in a snide comment about whose fault that really was, but the look on his face was dangerous, so I kept my mouth shut.

"Well, that's all I suppose. Be ready for work at eight, tomorrow morning." My father said, looking back down at his work.

"Umm, dad?" Ryan spoke up from next to me. My father and I both looked at him in surprise. These conversations with our father were usually one sided.

"Yes Ryan?" My father said impatiently.

"I'm sorry, but I can't begin tomorrow, at least not in the morning. I have prior engagements." Ryan said elegantly. I looked at him suspiciously, what engagements?

My dad surveyed him closely over his desk. Ryan didn't falter, and for that you had to give him credit; my father was an intimidating man.

"Is that so?" My dad said quietly. "Well then, you'd best be in no later than eleven."

Ryan nodded, and with that we were dismissed.

As soon as we were out of the room, I grabbed Ryan and turned him around.

"What 'engagements'?" I demanded.

He looked at me for a second, debating about telling me or not. "Uh-"

"Don't bother lying to me. We're not twins for nothing." I interrupted before he could make up excuses.

He just shrugged. "I wasn't going to. You're bound to find out one way or another." He said looking unconcerned with my behaviour.

"Well?" I persisted, and we stared each other down, finally Ryan sighed.

"A few of my friends are leaving tomorrow, and I wanted to go see them off at the airport." He said.

I was dumbstruck. I knew who he meant by friends. "She- they're leaving already?"

Ryan nodded.

"How come?" I went on, still dazed.

Ryan shrugged, looking uncomfortable. "They have work to do."

I understood. There were no such things as vacations inHollywood.

"So, they're going away for the summer?" I continued, knowing I was setting myself up for more pain.

Ryan looked at me concerned. "No."

That was the condemning word. "What the hell? She couldn't even tell me that herself?" I rounded on Ryan, taking out my anger.

"Well, I didn't think you too were on speaking terms right now." Ryan said reasonably. Unfortunately, I was too angry to listen to reason.

"So what? She was just gonna jump in the picture for a couple of months, steal my heart, than sneak back home?" I said my tone thunderous. I stopped suddenly, my breath hitching. I was aware that I had just outwardly confessed that I loved her. Ryan was looking at me in shock.

"Damn bro. If you want her back…"

"No." I said with finality, refusing to even entertain the though of having her to myself again.

"Why not? You obviously love her, and she-" Ryan broke off.

"Exactly! She what? Does anyone even know if she so much as cares about whether I live or die?" I ranted angry.

"Don't be stupid, of course she cares. You didn't see her when she got back from your little hide-out; she wouldn't stop crying." Ryan assured me.

"Yeah, only because I found out what she's really like." I argued stubbornly. I'd much rather be angry than sad. Sadness was too painful.

Ryan sighed, and stopped trying to convince me. "Really? This is all because she didn't tell you about her part-time job."

I rolled my eyes. "Part-time job?"

"Yeah, it's not all she does. She goes to school doesn't she? Anyways, really that's all?"

"What more do you want? That's a big part of her life, she lied to me about it. She doesn't trust me, relationships are built on trust and honesty. We didn't have that, therefore no relationship." I said, surprised that that actually sounded reasonable.

"Oh yeah? So you were completely honest about everything with her? You told her about mom, dad, about all our messed up family relationships? Did you tell her bout you, and about your feelings towards her?" Ryan paused, and looked pained for a second. "Did you tell her about Ashley?"

I looked away refusing to even think about that. "Don't."

It was Ryan's turn to be angry. "So it's okay for you to not tell her anything, to shut her out, but the tables turn as soon as she doesn't tell you about a silly thing like that."

"It's not a silly, little thing." I said stubbornly.

Ryan just sighed. "Why are you so stubborn? Why is it that you can't understand that you could be with her right now? That with a phone call, she'd be yours again. That she can't go off, that no one else would have that kind of claim on her. Seriously Hayden, you should do some serious thinking." With that he walked away, leaving me in a very serious predicament. What the hell should I do?


I walked away from Hayden, trying to contain a smile. It worked; I had gotten him to think about Anna. They were both so stubborn that it made everything harder. If only they'd be stubborn about being together, then it would be so much better. Still, it had gone very well. Anna was soon gonna be on her way toHollywood to be a star, and we would soon be on our way to work for our father. Seriously, fate has nothing to do with the fact that they are bound to meet. Hopefully everything would go right…