Hey! Welcome to the beginning of my soon to be Collection of Poetry. As I update my Collection the poems may relate or be completely different from the previous... because it's just a random collection of my poetry!


Would You Care?

Everyday, I walk the same path
Wondering if you'll find me
Everyday, I think of you
Wondering if you care

I could walk to the ends of the earth
Looking for the answer
But would you know I was searching?
Would you know I'm there?

Every time you cross my mind
I can't help but smile
And every time our gazes meet
Happiness and love I wish we'd share

I wonder what you think of me
Since my heart has its feelings too
How I want to tell you so
But in fear that my heart would break and tear

So I'll be there waiting
On the sidelines watching
Cheering you on in whatever you choose

In my heart I know that we could never be
I try so hard, but I know that I just don't want to see
I don't know if this is true or if I'll ever share
But to myself this statement I will declare

I love you so much, I really do,
I'm speaking from my heart
My dream is that you'll love me too
And we will never part

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