My name is Kelsy. I am 6 years old

I have long straight black hair big

Green swollen eyes with purple

And black bruises underneath

My skin is pale, and my body

Has a lot of purple bruises all

Over…they hurt a lot…I am

All alone, and really sad with

An empty soul. My mommy

Died when I was 5 in an accident

She was on the way to pick me

Up from ballet class. My daddy

Started blaming me for her death

He drinks a lot, and beats me often

My daddy used to love me…he'd

Take me out, and he used to give

Me a lot of hugs…now my daddy

Keeps me locked inside I don't

Get one hug…and to eat I get his

Leftovers, my tummy…it's empty

Really empty…I'm starving…

I'm scared to say something well for

Any little thing my daddy beats me

He's not home right now, and the house

Is really dark I peek out the window, and

See the twinkling stars…think my mommy

Is looking down at me? I smile at the twinkling

Stars. Sometimes when I peek out the window

I see kids pass by having fun with there friends

I would like to go out, and play…for the sun to

Warm up my pale skin…I would love to have

A lot of friends…but daddy doesn't let me out

Since I'm 5 years old. My daddy is home he's

Drunk I am really scared…'' KELSY! WHY


HERE." he screams at me. My eyes fill up with

Tears I know he is going to beat me. " Daddy

I'm not doing anything bad!" I cry out. He

Comes towards me, and gives me a slap. I cry



He grabs a handful of my hair, and throws me

Against the wall. A lot of pain…a lot…my nose

Is bleeding I am laying on the floor, and he kicks

Me…kicks me a lot…all over my little body…

A lot of kicks…on my head…everywhere! I

Think he broke my ribs already I scream, and

Cry out in pain…" Oh god! Mommy! It hurts!!

Make it stop please!! Everything is going blurry

The pain is running through my little body…

My little eyes are swollen I can't see…

I feel the warm blood all over…I see a light a

Beautiful light that makes me forget about the pain

I go towards the beautiful light…

My name is Kelsy I am 6 years

Old my daddy killed me tonight

It hurt a lot, but now I'm in heaven

With my mommy, and I'm happy

Really happy. My mommy loves

Me, and she hugs me. Me, and my

Mommy watch over kids who are

Abused by there parents…

I remember when I used to look

Up at the twinkling stars…

Think I'm a little star now?