Full Summary: Hiroshi Namekura was your typical, out-of-the-mill delinquent. Until, a big prank went entirely too far. Now, the only thing that can keep him out of jail is Imperial Academy: School of the Arts. At first, he refuses, but after meeting a certain dance teacher, Kei Sanosuke, he agrees. But, this class is more than what it seems. Maybe perhaps, dancing isn't so bad after all...

Hot Salsa


Humans are instinct.

To be alone, to be together.

To live, to die.

To breathe, to eat.

All humans live on instinct.

Humans have survived this way for many years.

To know right from wrong.

To do or not to do.

To be or not to be.

Humans are instinct.

They live on wants, desires.





Without them, humans would surely die out.

But, love is the most important.






Every human needs it the most.

Otherwise, life is meaningless.

The light on the abandoned street flickered softly for a moment, then faded with a slight pop! All the noise dissipated on the cold street. The moon hung slowly over the neighborhood, shining an inescapable light over the tall apartments and the occasional basketball hoop.

All was quiet throughout the darkness. Nothing stirred, nothing moved.

Yeah, right.

Nothing's ever quiet in this part of town.

A screeching alarm sounded through the town. After a minute's pause, the streets flooded with lights. A group of dark shapes appeared in the light and scattered from the sudden light.

One house's lights came on instantly, and the front door opened to reveal an elderly woman flushed with anger. Her car in her driveway continued to blare and screech with its front smashed in. The shapes in the dark laughed and chortled in their ski masks.

One yanked his mask off his face, revealing a boy with dark emerald hair glinting in the moonlight, a large smirk across his face.

His eyes glimmered like a cat's, almost blending in with the darkness around him. "Ha! See you around, Old Lady!" He called over his shoulder as he and the other shapes disappeared once again into the dark shadow of the night.

The woman growled at their escape, glancing to her destroyed car. Then, she sighed. "Nice try, boys. We'll meet again, trust me."
She turned around and went inside. She went to her phone and dialed a number. "...911? I want to report a robbery..."


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