By: Payton

"Home is where the heart is"

We have almost all heard this

But is it really true

Oh, please tell me. I insist.

What does this phrase mean?

Does it tell me that my home is here

Where my body may physically be?

Or is it what my heart longs for

The place my spirit seeks

What is "home"

Is it that cozy little place

Where the sun shines and the warm breeze blows

Where there is the sweet smell of cinnamon

On top of nice buttered toast

Or is it the big house

At the end of the street

With rooms beyond rooms

Filled with luxery and dreams

Maybe it's the house

On the beautiful sea coast

With the fresh island air

And you look out the window

To see surfers and boats

It could be the house

That is all warm and nice It is cold outside

You sit at the fireside

I guess it is different

To every human being

But that still doesn't explain

What "home" really means

Maybe I just haven't found is yet

That place my heart belongs

Maybe I must wait for true love

To bring us where, together, we live on