Love Your Life

By: Payton

Emotions and feelings

Contribute to a teenage life

Mistakes and bad choices

Make consequences and sacrifice

Confused minds and peer pressure

Create many obsticles

Groups and cliques

Cause many to lose smiles

Fights and arguments

Among many friends

Rumors and lies

Cause friendships to end

Boys and girls

Start to hang out

Get close attachments

Have fun and shout

Girls like boys

And boys like girls

Most people feel this

Others want to hurl

Relationships form

Some disappear

The rest of your life

Is growing near

You learn who are your friends

And who are not

You get different oppinions

On who is "hot"

Just a word of advice

From one who knows

Have fun in these years

Let your life glow

You will get in fights

And have someone "dump you"

But get back on track

Don't let yourself lose

If someone is mad

Push it aside

Find someone better

Who will make you smile

Don't waste your time

On sorrowful tears

Look at the bright side

You know God is here

So for all you teens

Who are going through

This mixed up life

I am here for you

I feel this life

Every day with my eyes

I see the tears

I know the smiles

I feel my heart pound

I hear the laughs

I taste the sweet revenge

I smell the cologne you have

We all live this

At some time in our life

As our bodies change

It's something no one can hide

Don't rush

Take your time

Don't wish it away

Love your life