By: Payton Nowling

Can you tell my emotions

Can you read my mind

I will tell you how

It's all in my eyes

When I am sad

They are light

When I am excited

They are bright

When I am happy

They are dark and warm

That is how I feel inside

I want that color even more

Because of this

Way to read my emotions

I can read others

But sometimes that's not fun

I know when they are hurt

I know when they are mad

I know when they hate me

That makes me sad

Their eyes are dark

Like a black color

They look to you "evil"

And makes your heart sink more

It kills you to look

But you can't keep away

"I hate you! I hate you!"

They seem to say

You just want to run

Away from your fear

But they are still on your mind

They are always near