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I was in my bed. What's going on? Everything is shaking, I hear rumbling. The house! Something heavy hit my arm and I heard a sickening Crack! Oww, what was that? What's going on? Then something hit my head and everything went black.

Lana woke up, her head was throbbing and so was her arm. She tried to get up but couldn't, there was something pinning her down. She looked up and she could see the stars. Wait a second….see the stars? Then it came to her in a rush, The ground shaking beneath her, everything raining down on her as she sat u, pain in her arm and then her head and then darkness. She managed to use her right arm to remove what was holding her down off. She crawled and dug her way out of the house, or what was left of it. When she got outside she looked up and screamed.

Chapter 1: Fix ups

How could this have happened? Oh gods, it's a good thing mom was at work that part of the house is flat. I can't believe it this doesn't make sense. Earthquakes don't happen here, not here. My head and arm are throbbing and I'm dizzy. I can't believe this. Where there had been fields and houses there's now a huge cliff. Probably about 90ft. tall, estimating by the still standing 20ft. pine tree in my yard. This just doesn't happen! How wide is it? How long? What happened to the people on top? All these questions racing through my head are not helping the pain. What about my neighbors? I wrenched my gaze from the cliff and looked towards my neighbor and best friend, Issabelle's house. Oh no, it doesn't look good, I hope Iss and her family are ok. I gasped as my arm throbbed sharply making my head spin. The next thing I knew the ground was coming up to meet me.

Someone was shaking me. Shaking me and calling my name.

"Lana! Lana get up, please?" It was my best friend Issabelle Lev. She seemed to be freaking out a bit.

"Settle down Iss I'm all right." I said groggily. "Ow Iss stop shaking me. I'm alive ok?"

"Don't scare me like that gods!" She pulled me up and winced as I grabbed her for support.

"Iss you're hurt." I looked at her leg which had a large gash down the side.

"Not as bad as you are. At least I didn't pass out."

"You need stitches."

"Yea and you need a cast."

"Okay, okay, you win." I smiled weakly, we always bantered like this.

"Where's your mom?"

"At work, is all of your family ok?"

"Yea mostly, I think dad's ankle is sprained and everyone else just has cuts and bruises."

"That's good." Iss's dad, Drake, is a lawyer and her mom, Ellin is a painter.

"I can't believe this it doesn't make any sense."

"I know. I hope everyone's ok."

"Okay? How can everyone be ok? People died Lana."

"Yea I know that. I meant everyone we know."

"Sorry, I'm just freaking out a bit." She apologized, wow.

"Yea I know, I know."

"Do you need anything from your house?"

"No, I don't think so." I looked back at my half destroyed house.

"All right, come on then." And we walked towards her house.

Issabelle and Lilly don't look anything like Cameron or Ellin and Drake. Issabelle and Lilly have straight black hair and grey eyes. Ellin, Cameron, and Drake have wavy brown hair and hazel eyes. As we walked up Ellen got up and came towards us.

"Oh Lana, you're ok! We were all so worried." She gave me a hug.

"I was worried about all of you as well. Your house looks flat from mine."

"Come here and let me wrap your arm Lana." Ellin said. "It's not really what it needs but it'll be better than nothing."

"Thank you." I winced as she pulled it tight.

"Your turn Iss come here."

"It's ok mom I'm fine." Iss was being stubborn as usual.

"I said come here. You don't get to decide if it's ok or not." Iss went over grudgingly and let her mom bandage her leg as best she could. Drake's ankle was already wrapped, Lilly had a band aid above her eye, and Cameron's lower arm had three.

"Where's your mom at Lana?" Cameron asked looking up at me.

"She's at work" Then we all looked up as we heard sirens.

There were two cop cars and an ambulance driving slowly down the road towards us. We all got up and walked towards the road. The vehicles stopped and people got out, including my mom.

"Lana! Thank god you're ok!" she squeezed me tight

"Ow, mom that hurts let go." I said wincing as she squeezed my arm.

"Oh, you're hurt."

"We all are mom."

'But not badly. At least we're all still here." Drake said as he walked up.

We all got into the vehicles and headed slowly back to town. We went to the hospital. I got a cast, Iss got stitches, and everyone else just got clean bandages. Then we all headed to a little restaurant. There was one working TV there and it was on the news station. The cliff was 87ft. tall, I was 3ft. off, 2 miles wide and 126 miles long. There were car searches along the edges and helicopter searches along the top.

"So what happened to you here Jennifer?" Ellin asked my mom.

"Everything started shaking and the power went out. The west wall had fallen partially. Lucky for our patients we have an emergency generator that didn't get crushed. We only lost two patients. What about all of you?"

"Close to the same thing. Everything started shaking and Ellin went to find Issabelle and Lilly while I went after Cameron. I fell and that must have been when I sprained my ankle." Drake put on, amazingly he didn't use huge words.

"We all got out and were outside by the time it stopped. And then Issabelle insisted on going to find Lana." Ellin added. I looked at Iss and we smirked at each other, we'd been nearly inseparable since birth according to our parents.

"What about you Lana?"

"I don't really remember much, I got knocked out. But I was inside through the whole thing."

"Yea you just didn't want to get your butt out of bed for anything right Lana." I stuck my tongue out in Iss' direction.

Lilly and Cameron were running around playing with a group of kids their ages. They were playing some sort of game. My mom and Iss' parents were all talking about stuff on the news, and Iss was listening to them. I just stared out the window up at the cliff, wondering.

~~~~~~~~~~~~Iss' View

Lana was sitting there glassy eyed, staring out the window. I didn't have to wonder what she was thinking about, not really. I wonder if the adults will notice or not. I hope, no matter what she finds out, that she can get back to normal.

~~~~~~~~~~end view

All of the churches, the two resource centers, and a few of the schools were to be temporary housing. We grabbed what few belongings we had brought with us and spent the night at the Hilltop Community Church for the night.

The next morning we all went back to the little restaurant downtown. The news was on once again. The search was still going on. Right now they were only picking up the living, the dead would have to be gotten later. Then we all looked up at the screen, and our jaws just dropped.

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