Ch.2 Illiana and Carch

There was a group of survivors on top of the cliff. And among them were Illiana and Carch! Carch had been mine and Iss' friend since Pre-K. Illiana had moved her in 6th grade. Carch had brown wavy hair and hazel eyes and Illiana has honey blonde ringlets and ice blue eyes.

By the time we had all gotten to the hospital the survivors had been dropped off. Besides Illiana and Carch there was a family with two kids and an older woman. I looked at Illiana, she had a gash across the top of her back and was getting stitches, she also had large dark bruises on her right ar. I looked over at Carch and almost cried. The whole left side of his face was black, blue, and bloody. His eye was swollen shut and his mouth was close to it. I looked around to see if anyone else was here, there wasn't.

"You guys are ok!" Illiana said smiling then wincing.

"Hold still Illiana." My mom said while she stitched her back.


"Ilana where are you and Carch's mommy and daddy?" Lilly asked looking at Illiana looking up at her innocently, like any little kid would.

"Lilly!" Issablle said grabbing her sister's arm.

"It's ok Iss." Illiana soothed. "My mom died and my dad is in D.C. and both of his parents are dead." She grabbed Carch's hand.

"I'm so sorry Carch." Ellin said putting her hands on his shoulders as Illiana held his hand and my mom cleaned up his face.

" S'okay." He said quietly, his words slurred because he could hardly move his mouth. Illiana had tears in her eyes.

When everyone was fixed up we all headed back to the little restaurant for lunch.

"So Illiana what happened to you?" My mom asked as we sat down.

"I was still up painting when everything began to shake. All my paints went flying. I got out of my room and my mom was with me. She fell and her foot got stuck under a beam. She told me to keep running. I heard a crash, when I looked back part of the ceiling had fallen on her. When I got to the door the frame fell and landed on my back. I fell down and the ground heaved up. I managed to crawl out of the door and then the whole house fell. I headed towards Carch's dreading what I would find." She had tears running down her face but her voice was still crystal clear. That was something that amazed me about Illiana. "I met him halfway in-between and then we headed on looking for others until the helicopter came and got us."

"Oh Illiana, I'm sorry dear." My mom said. Then the adults started talking again. Illiana and Issabelle were talking. Carch listened and occasionally mumbled something. I just sat at the window.

~~~~~~Illiana view

I'm worried about Carch, he's somewhat secluded I think as I talk to him and Iss. Then I look over at Lana. She's staring out the window her bright golden green eyes dull and glassy. I wonder if anyone else has noticed that she's out of it. One look at Issabelle tells me at least she has. Our eyes lock and I can see the worry, though it's buried under annoyance. She never did understand that, but she's worried because of how she's acting.

"Has she been like this the whole time Iss?" I asked very quietly.

"Yea pretty much."

~~~~~~~~End view

I looked up as I heard the door open.

"Dad!" Illiana exclaimed, running to her father. Kevin lifted her up and spun her around.

"Where's your momma?" We all sat there as Illiana told her father what had happened.

"I'm sorry dad, I couldn't save her." Illiana said crying.

"Oh honey it's not your fault." He said pulling her in tight. He had tears in his eyes too, that was a first as far as I know.

"How's D.C.?" Drake asked.

"Complete and total chaos." Then the adults started talking politics. Carch just sat and watched it all seeing as he couldn't really talk. Illiana was sitting between him and her father and she looked happier now though she still watched Carch worriedly. I just sat staring out the window.

It's been a week since the quake. We are all living in the Lev's house. We're rebuilding their house first then we'll rebuild ours. Physical wounds are healing but not those of the heart. Illiana was going to D.C. with her father in three days and Carch was to go with them. But Carch hadn't been talking to anyone, including Illiana. Iss and I were worried and Illiana wasn't taking it well.

"We have to do something Lana." Iss said watching Carch walk away as Illiana tried to approach him.

"What can we do though?"

"Corner and confront him." She said angrily.

"Settle down Iss. All right tonight we'll do that then. But only because I can't think of anything else. You have to behave though." She just stuck her tongue out at me.

Later we headed towards Carch quietly so he couldn't try to run before we got the chance to say anything.

"Carch." He turned around. "What's going on? Why are you avoiding everyone?" I asked, Iss just stared at him.

"Nothing, I'm not." He said not looking up.

"Like Hell there's not! Nothing my ass!" Iss said her Lev temper flaring.

"Settle down Iss. But she's right Carch. Why are you avoiding everyone? You're hurting Illiana, she thinks you're mad at her."

"I don't want to hurt her." He finally looked up. "but I don't want to go to D.C. I want her to stay here. And even if she wanted to, which she won't, her father wouldn't let her."

"You can't know that." I said, cutting across an angry retort from Iss. "At least try talking to her."

"All right I will."

"Come on Iss." I grabbed her and drug her away. Carch went up to Illiana, she looked up and smiled. Iss and I hid behind a tree to listen.

"Illiana will you stay here with me? I don't want to go to D.C. but you're all I have left.

"Of course I will. Is that what's been bothering you?"

"Yes. What about your dad?"

"He'll listen if I ask." So she got up and walked to her dad. We trailed her quietly.


"Yes dear?"

"I want to stay here. I need to be with Carch and he doesn't want to go to D.C."

"You really love him don't you." He said it more as a statement than as a question.

"Yes daddy I do."

"Very well you can stay here if that's what you want."

"Thank you dad." She hugged him tight then walked back over to Carch.

~~~~~~Carch's view

Illiana and I were sitting and talking. I looked over at Lana. She was just sitting there staring up at the cliff. She was glassy eyed and distant.

"Has she been like that the whole time?" I asked Illiana.

"Yes." She sighed.


"Why do you think? Use your brain."

"Oh I guess that makes sense. But what if….?"

"I don't know Carch but it won't be good. That's a second reason for me to stay. If she finds out and I'm not here….well you know how Issabelle is about that."

"Yea I suppose. They're best friends but Iss never understood that.

~~~~~~end view

We all went to bed early so we could get up and start working in the morning.