give me a voice like the

sound of a daisy singing her

unrequited love to the sun,

high and soft and utterly


give me fairy bones protruding

gently under my cream and sugar

skin, skyscraper-cheekbones, and

all the fine features of a princess, not

just of that one girl.

give me lips stained pink with

a carnation's kiss, lips that know the

curve of a smile better than they

know the pucker of a frown.

give me eyes the color of resilience,

frosted with silver lining, clouded over

with darker shades of gray and the

knowledge of sadness but the will to live on.

give me glassy skin just translucent

enough to see the blueprint of my

veins, just opaque enough to pretend

that i'm human and not this monster

in porcelain girl-flesh.

give me hair the perfect shade of

sunshine, cheeks the color of stained-glass

roses, delicate spider-limb eyelashes,

and everything else unassumingly beautiful.

just whatever you do,

give me something a little more

tolerable than

m y s e l f .

(i wish that i could look in the mirror and see something remotely pretty or attractive or whole)