Life of a Spider

I crawl the walls and spin my web,
Insects, beetles I will thread,
Within my sticky, soft and silky bed,
As I watch the sunrise.

The people are waking in the house,
(One is screaming of a mouse, but
the man tells her to shut her mouth)
As the day onward glides.

I eat my lunch, a poor mosquito,
As the big ones scold the smaller people,
Then with backpacks full, out they go,
And I feel the day go by.

When they come home they laugh and talk,
Dump their bags down as they walk,
Then finally the door is locked,
And I see the sun resign.

I scurry back into a dark space,
They eat as though they have a race,
The man is talking about taste,
As darkness starts to rise.

Now off they go, they've fulfilled their greed
And when I'm sure that they're all asleep
I come out to spin my web and eat,
As the moon softly shines.

Author's Note: This is a more casual poem :) I write these when I'm feeling relaxed about the world and I'm not crazily stressed out. Enjoy, rate and review.