Riffey 3

Megan Riffey
ENG 202
30 January 2009

The Legend of the Beast

"Thump, Thump, Thump." I heard it beating...as if it was my own; felt it near, felt it close, but I knew the truth though, all too well that this beast was lurking in the shadows. I had been hired by a man, whose face I had never laid eyes on, nor did it matter. I was hired for one single purpose, to find and hunt this beast, and so I would. I would not question or ask what this beast did, but I could judge from what I had seen, that it was evil.

I stood on a cliff over-looking the motionless ocean, calculating my next response to the ever-growing trail of bodies. I knew coolly that I might be next, or simply walking into my impending death, but still I hunted and yearned to return home. It kept to the shadows, moving inhumanly fast, carefully, as always, selecting it's prey. I do not know who or what it is, all I know is that it must die by my hands.

I have traveled far into this foreign land, stretching across the vast nothingness. There is no name for the county, no man has ever traveled here that has ever been seen again. The serene landscape contrasts to the bodies, lying motionless. I have found no signs of life, not even a bird. Too eerily quiet, too unnatural. Time has no importance here, simply because there is no reason to live; to continue when this place has no meaning. To some this is heaven, their haven from their past sins; to me and others it is hell, simply because there is nothing worth living for.

After many months of searching for any signs, I finally found what I had been looking for; it's burial site. To many it would look like a simple cave, nothing out of the ordinary, but I knew better than to judge it by what it looked like. I walked into the cave, nearly slipping on a little stream that seemed to just run over into nothing. The walls were covered in moss, slimy and wet, making it difficult to grab a hold for balance. I took another step, and slipped on moss, falling into a black pit. I hit the bottom with back breaking force, forcing all the air from my lungs and as I laid there for a few minutes, I discovered what I had come upon. I had come upon a chamber, probably fifty feet high and at least one hundred yards long.

I looked around the chamber, fully aware of the corpses on the ground and the painful grief surrounding the massacre. I knew what hid in the depths of the darkest shadows waiting for a chance to be set free while drinking blood and void of any emotion except anger. These people have received their punishment and would serve an eternity in their own darkness cowering from the light they had once found solace. The silent pleas remained unanswered as their pale limp bodies uncontrollably reeked in the dark and ghastly tomb.

While searching for an answer, I came across a name, a name they say that evil would not bring itself to speak. While some had believed this "creature" was the devil himself others, however, believed the notion was absurd for this creature had caused more pain and suffering than any other "thing" could. They say the myth, as some call it, to be false, but I have traveled distances tracking this beast knowing only too well its black heart beats. These people are naive and wish to think that nothing this evil or dark could possibility live within our world; yet it does, all too well. In the hearts of men, women, children, and even these beasts or creatures, somewhere within there is always a form of evil that may not show, but is ever present.

The foreign land seemed to ride forever; forever searching for something that would never come. The haggard land seemed to be more peaceful, but at the same time hinder you from passing. I knew the beast would move swiftly and unusually never keeping the same trail always keeping quietly in the shadows.

Many men continue to seek and eager to trust, to receive a reward so heavenly that not even I could imagine. In the end those men sacrificed their own lives for their own greed and desires, their own sins. Ironically, it is the same people who have met their deaths here because of their own green and desires, and ironically, the beast has taken their lives just as well.

The beast was sly always leaving burial grounds in its wake, searching for the power to step out into the light once more. By attacking villages, it led some of the townspeople to their death by looking for something they weren't ready to find or see. They assumed a wild animal, or a mad villager, but that is where they are wrong. No madman, or wild animal such as a wolf could do this kind of damage. No, only pure evil, pure nothing could do this.

Some people believed with the strictness of the situation that I, too, didn't know what I was getting myself into, but myself and my family know too well the situation we are currently in. My family has hunted this beast for many generations, and each family member has joined the ever-expanding burial site that has been created by the beast. I know all too well, that I will not walk away from this, but it is my duty as much as I was hired as it has been passed down from my family before me.

People have heard my name wherever they may be and scowled whenever they see me, for their greatest fear is I bring the beast into the village. They fear that the beast is tracking me, and that once unleashed within the village, that not even I would be able to stop it. I dare it, to show it's true form to me, I dare it to try, because I shall be there, waiting for it. Waiting for it to strike, waiting for my chance to prove myself, but I fear, however, that no matter what I go, I will always be one step behind the beast.