Readers my friend and I were talking the other day and were laughing because we liked to act like our characters (sense we are both writers) were real and lived in another world. Well we thought up this story with that.


Mandy and I sat across from each other holding hands tightly, concentrating as hard as we could, willing our minds to leave this world behind and reenter our own. "Do you see it?" A woman's voice prompted as our minds saw the place we wanted to be. "Smell it. Feel it. Make it appear around you. It is the only way to go back there." After fifteen minutes of quiet, a knock on my door startled us, breaking our concentration.

"Oh man, we were just about to go back home to our own world," I said to her.

She shrugged, her brown hair longer than mine and a bit lighter. The only thing that connected us to our world was our personalities and our body shape. We both looked at Hope, who had been helping us leave this world behind for good. She shook her head. "We'll just have to start over from the beginning again."

Mandy opened my door. I said "What?" to my brother, pretty ticked that we had been interrupted when we got so close to going back to our world.

"Mom and Dad are waiting in the living room with Mandy's parents," he announced.

We both groaned and left the room. As we entered the living room, there were more than just our parents. There were men and women who looked at us suspiciously. "We didn't commit any crimes," Mandy said when no one spoke.

"What's going on?" Ruben was a small werewolf. In his wolf form, he stood by my and Tara's side when the silence still continued.

"I don't know," I said to him quickly.

"There's your evidence," my mom suddenly said. "She looked down and spoke to the ground when there is nothing there to speak to. They both have been seeing things since...since they graduated from High School."

"Just because we can see it and you can't doesn't mean it's not real!" I said to my mom angrily. "I can because I believe there are worlds beyond our own. I found out I am from one of them."

"Calm down Seriana," Sapphire said.

"Don't tell me to be calm, Sapphire!" I snapped at her.

"That is sure proof about that one, but about the other there is no proof," a man signaled to two men by the door. They grabbed me.

"What are you doing?" Mandy asked.

"Danielle is being taken to a place were she will receive help. She is a danger to herself with the instability of her mind." Mandy's mother tried to soothe her. "It is the best thing for her."

"What!?" Several people yelled, including Mandy.

"She's not crazy!" Mandy shouted. "I can see them too!" Then turned to the ones no one else but us could see. "Do something!"

The men with me looked at her with interest. "What?" Zacks asked.

"Anything, Zacks! Just something!" She was frantic.

"Make that two," the man signaled to two more men. "You were right, they both are mentally unstable. At the institution they will be cared for and get the help they need. Some have physical problems and some, like them, are mental. They will be okay."

"How long do you think they will be there?" My dad asked.

The men all shrugged. "Depends on how deep their problem goes. We will do everything we can."

"Take care of them and make sure they get better," my mom said.

The men left. "I hope we did the right thing," Mandy's dad said.

"I hope they don't hate us for trying to help," Mandy's mom said.

"Ever since she told me about everything she could see, I was worried. I think this runs deeper than we think," my mom said. "I never realized Danielle had a real problem until she finally told me she had real people to talk to at night."

"Hopefully they can find the source and take care of it," Mandy's mother said, sighing. "I want her to get better. I want both of them better."

Unknown to them, we had no intention of changing anytime soon. Our problem wasn't a problem. We had to prove that what we could see was real. We knew it wouldn't be easy, but it would be worth it. It took us only a week before most people gave up on us, realizing we had no desire to heal or change in any way, shape or form. People really tried everything, not realizing we had a lot of help from the ones that they couldn't see. We never had to worry. We were just fine, in our opinion. Doctors tried to medicate us. We never took our medications. They put us in solitary confinement and someone would get us out. They tried everything. Some doctors tried to force feed us medication and we fought with invisible forces who were our friends to not take our medications. They finally stopped that as well, since it wasn't working either.

Some people started to wonder if we would ever get out of there. We would never, in some peoples' opinions, because we weren't going to get the help we needed with how we were acting. We were soon well known in the building. People came and went, but we stayed, never changing ourselves to fit the way we were suppose to be in their eyes. We were the Trinity and would always be the Trinity.