Aaron Carter sat down with a table of executives three days before The Ruthless Redemption Tour… sponsored by Powerade was due to kick off, in beautiful Stockholm; everything was fine and going according to plan, the bands either on a plane out, or already landed.

Although everything was far from sorted, they needed a resident journalist to help record the happenings along with their permanent camera crew.

The bands needed help with updating their Myspace pages, creating and posting suitable podcasts on their sites, and just publicising shows in general. Today was the day a final decision was made on that vital role.

Aaron was fiddling with his blackberry, his dark shades hiding the bags under his eyes caused by a serious of erratic parties the night before.

Two hours later and 50 applications shredded no-one found yet were suitable enough and versatile to fit the tight range of criteria with names such as Martha, Lakeisha and Sammie, not one candidate could be taken seriously. Along with the fact no-one mentioned music in their CV it was very disappointing.

The lead singer of A Backseat Romance lent over the boardroom desk and placed his cheek on the cool surface, trying to lower the temperature of his whole body while attempting not to fall asleep due to the heat in the room, the air condition was broke, so skinny jeans weren't a very practical choice.

He prayed to be anywhere but in the stuffy boardroom he found himself, on a distant beach somewhere just him and his acoustic guitar, or even the local Starbucks would suffice.

Next to the managing director of the tour on the table, was an ever dwindling pile of application forms specially picked out by secretaries further down the painfully low pay scale.

Just as Aaron's eyelids were about to flicker closed for a final time, Liam Johnson the tour manager banged his fist of the table, causing Aaron to jolt his body upright in alarm and turn wide eyed.

"Aaron I think we've found her"!

"Her"? The singer asked raising an eyebrow sceptically at his first in command.

"Yeah, you know a woman".

The elder Carter scoffed. "I know what a woman is. But the bands left their girlfriends at home for peace on tour, and now it will be all tampons and chick-flicks".

"You really have no respect for women in general do you"?

"Well not if the ones I've met have anything to do with it".

"Mhmmmmm" Liam grunted.

"What's her name anyway"? Aaron asked attempted to scratch his black nail polish of his thumb, while humming Life In Slow Motion slowly to himself.

"Oh so you are interested"? Liam mocked shuffling the papers on the desk.

"Not in the slightest". He retorted, leaning his back in the chair, and exhaling deeply.

The whole room fell silent; Aaron's eyes scanned the room waiting for someone to speak.

"Okay maybe just a little" he admitted, attempting to grab for her résumé, and failed due to Liam's quick reflexes.

"Audrey" Liam stated as he and the rest of his executorial team cleared the table.

"Is that all you are going to give me"? He asked pouting a little and brushing his jet black fringe from his eyes.

"That look may work on your fans Carter – but me" Liam prodded himself in the chest "I am totally straight".

Aaron laughed slightly yet silenced immediately seeing the tour manager was deathly serious.

Well what else do you want to hear"?

"Hmmmmm…" Aaron deliberated for a moment tapping his long slender fingers on his lightly bearded chin. "How about title"?

"Miss", and with that Liam and all his assistants and secretary left, closing the door quietly behind them.

Aaron sat at the table for the ten minutes that followed, still resting his cheek on the desk, mumbling nothings to himself under his breath, trying to decipher the situation.



"Miss Audrey".

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