Shadow Box

I laid curled up in a corner, hugging myself tight as the darkness covered my shadow. It would have been better if the moon was out, but it wasn't. It was scared on how vile my shadow was. I was even afraid of my shadow that was casted by my figure from the light.

"I'm still here," I heard myself say. I looked around the room the people had put me in. There far from me, laid a light were I saw my shadow's head resting against my shadow's hand.

"You're very cunning no?" I asked. I waited to hear my answer. It seemed like five-minutes before my shadow replied.

"The light comes from outside the window"

I lifted my head up high and saw a street light standing in front of my


"See, how the light poorly brightens the room, "it was a pregnant pause before my shadow continued" the darkness can not kill me but it can cage me. Like the bold lion in the zoo or the playful child on a rainy day."

I nodded my head, my shadow was right. The darkness didn't want two free people but one loca chica and her eloquent shadow.

It was silent, I watched as the streetlamp, in front of my window, brighten a small space in my white covered room.

I turned my head to the door's window and saw a black figure stand in front of it. I tensed up but a warm relaxing chill came over me, as I knew it was my shadow.

"Can you procure a new light source for my whole body to show? Would you lament for me if I couldn't?"

I placed my index finger on my lips and tapped. All those questions I knew would be a yes, but that was too simple. My shadow wanted a logical answer.

"You want to fray is that it?" I replied. A cold chill ran all over my body as the door opened and a tall lean black shadow stood in the doorway.

"Was my two questions so tedious, you answer my questions with another?"

I stopped tapping my lips and looked down at my torn, ragged clothes.

"Am I too abhor to look at?"

A small tear ran my closed eyes. (I never remember closing them)

"You're unwieldy. You don't speak with me but to me." I replied.

I looked back up and saw my shadow's arms crossed over its chest.

I now knew how fickle I was when I ended up in a crazy hospital and started talking to my uncontrolable shadow.