Darkness laced around my eyes. My hands were crossed behind my back, my fingers slipped as sweat started to form. Small colored spots popped in my head. Disappearing and re-appearing as I moved my head around.

"Open your eyes, sweetheart."

I opened my eyes as I was told. I turned my head to my shadow. My small figure blackened out his left side.

"I told you no one would see us for I protected you as a lion would her cub. Or a person would to their friends."

I took in my surroundings. Streetlamps flickered on and off. Window lights were dimmed maybe set for a romantic evening. My white pillow case dress flared out in the wind that blew violently, it was cold. I felt it but didn't want to react. My shadow taught me better.

"The wind is furious; it senses things that will happen or already has. The darkness surrounds us. It covers us like a security blanket. The cold will not harm us," he whispered

I nodded my head. I trusted my shadow. It wouldn't lie to me. I hoped he wouldn't.

"Let's go home. I want my family," I whined. I stomped my foot and felt better when my shadow did too.

"Don't have your panties in a bunch. Night will never find us. Your home is here with me," it said in its mono tone.

I heard a faint noise. I turned my head quickly, my eyes becoming dark as black.

A young woman was staring at me. Her eyes were slanted, her hands had themselves on her mouth in a "oh my god" expression.

"Who are you talking too?"She screamed across the way to me. I looked around and felt a light whisper by my ear.

"Tell her you're talking to me and watch I don't give you physical pain." My shadow said harshly. I closed my eyes and saw the darkest light within her.

"I'm alright, just walking around." I replied. I opened my eyes again and saw her making her way to me.

"The darkest light might shine within her but I will soon catch her. Make her shadow yours." I heard my shadow whisper again.

"You look lost. How old are you?"

She was getting closer now. I could smell her perfume, her citrus shampoo and her natural scent mixed all into one. Made my nose itch, burning my nose hairs till nothing would be left.

"I'm seven," I said truthfully. I was too tall to be seven, I knew, but that was the age I was omitted into the hospital, eight years ago.

"Do you have a home? What's with your dress, it looks too small for you? Are you poor?" The woman was in front of me now. She had got down on her knees and was shivering.

She looked comfortable with her black fur coat, long blue sweater, and sweats. Why was she freezing?

"No. Yes, Definitely." All short. I wasn't sure if I was poor. Didn't know what that was.

"Poor dear, I don't usually do this but come on… live with me." She stood up straight up and reached out for my hand.

I jerked back. Wrong vibes flowed from her like a scratched record.

"I'm not a rapist…" She stopped then a large muscular man wrapped his arms around her middle.

"Why aren't you at home?" He whispered in her ear.

She nodded her head towards me. I stared at him. Strong vibrant vibes fell from him and surround me. Choking me.

"Calm down. These people are ghosts. Memories. Nothing more," my shadow said by my ear.

I nodded my head and looked at the couple in front of me.

"She's a weird looking girl." he bit his lip as the girl elbowed him in the stomach.

"Leave me alone," I said to them. I felt all my energy leave me as I said that. I soon fell down, holding my left arm to my stomach. Cradling it like it was a baby.

"Look at her dress", the man paused then slanted his eyes to see the small words on it. "Property of mental word."

I raised my head at them and wasn't surprised when they slowly backed away.

"You're hurting my feeling." I could feel the tears start up in my eyes. "You will anger HIM. Don't anger HIM."

Suddenly a rush of wind, violently whipped across my face, making the couple shiver.

It was a loud screech that made me draw my head down. I didn't want to see the terror across their faces.

That's when the screams started, deafening my ears from the violent wind.

Black dust surrounded them, blinding them from the creature that would devour them whole.

"What's going on," the girl screamed.

"That's what you get when you hurt me" I whispered.

Tears rolled down my eyes as the wind stopped, it was calm again.

"I told you, I would protect you. You are the reason I exist."

I nodded my head in agreement. Without me, my shadow wouldn't at all be alive. Some sense like that.

"Let's find you a home. A cold home my sweet."

I got up and passed the shreds of clothes. I felt better, the tears became frozen ice.

I walked down the empty street, with a smile on my face and my shadow in my steps