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It was dark, and I could barely see anything expect for the lights around the encircled fountain, where three respected people stood with their three companions. I had often looked at the world beyond my reach to watch and listen to the love and hate portrayed by these three races. I listened in to the conversation the sovereigns were taking about.

"We have gather together for one reason, and one reason alone." The first queen said. "We have all lost our successors, and without them we shall die knowing evil will control."

"I have lost more than my successor, but my next one as well." a King said.

"How did this happen?" asked a lady, probably the companion of the other King, who had remained silent.

"He decided to go and save his brother, the fool!" The King said.

There was silence, and I knew that the first Queen seemed silently disapproving.

"King Ragmor, your youngest son is not a fool if you decided not to find your heir, which is what you have been doing for a day now."

King Ragmor looked at the Queen.

"Well, are we not all here? Shall we all be fools together? Or do something?!"

"I have a proposition." the king that had been silent. He seemed irregularly still.

All emperors looked at the King. The moonlight excelled to the dim shade, and there were shadows everywhere.

"Shall we not send out the best warriors and knights? Certainly we should get our rebels back soon, and deal with them as we please."

The Queen looked at the King, whose voice was calm, and somber.

"I fear they did not go on their own. I got messages that some guards had seen my daughter out, but my guards relayed to me that she had almost seemed drugged."

"Drugged?! Only an insider could get into a kitchen! Let alone get into the royals' drinks." said King Ragmor.

"My thoughts exactly." The Queen paused. "But King Dasion," she turned to the silent King. "I do think it an agreeable idea to send out the best warriors and knights. Let us all gather them and take them to where we stand now in the morning. Let us take up the best steeds and armor. For our successors!"

"For our Successors!" the others said, and then they all departed, except The Queen and King Dasion.

Once they were alone, King Dasion turned around to the Queen.

"Queen Sinvora." he said.

She turned around.

"I am so sorry for your loss. I know this is hard."

"I understand your concern, but this time my daughter will come homeā€¦alive."

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