Chapter Ten

I had heard stories about Naryan; many stories, fictional stories about Naryan, but I had never heard what had really happened. I knew she took care of the earth, in the matter that she belonged to it. I had heard many false stories about her being part of the earth, like her veins were like a plants. But it seems all of them were false.

Athron and Chrispin stood up immediately, as well as the other elf. They heard the voice of Naryan, as she walked toward them. It so happened she went right in front of them and stopped.

Her brown hair rippled down her backside, and her face was round. She had brown eyes and pointed ears. She was beautiful. She wore a earthy grown, made by green leaf material. She studied the knights for a while, and then looked at each other them as she said:

"My guests," she gave them a crooked smile. "Come and join me. Your journey has been far, and far you have to go. I will provide help for your last venture." she said, then she turned around, and summoned them all to follow her.

I can imagine why some humans think she is a goddess, through she clearly is not. She is pretty, and has many gifts. I don't imagine she thinks she would be worthy of the title lady, she seems like the kind of person that wouldn't like that. But I decided not to judge her.

She took them just a few steps away and led them to her house.

"Now I must know your names." she said, smiling.

All the knights introduced themselves: Davdar, Tristran, Fador, Urtha, Shettab, Zaur, Farn, Hardwin, Edlin, Wex, Rayvurn, Surdna, Chrispin, and Athron.

Chrispin was on high with excitement, and Naryan noticed it.

"Why are you so overexcited?" She asked.

"I just always wanted to meet you, Naryan! You're a hero!" Chrispin said.

Naryan smiled.

"That is so kind of you, Chrispin." She grabbed his hand to squeeze it kindly, but it was has hand that was limb, and she held it in her hand. "My dear! What happened?" she asked.

"Ahh." Chrispin said. "I had a scorpion sting me. My hand is now indecisive." Chrispin explained.

Naryan looked at the hand, sorrowfully, as if it had been her own.

"No one should suffer this kind of pain." she said. "Chrispin, I will heal this soon, I promise you that. At the moment I am weak."

"How are you weak, Naryan?" Athron asked.

"I am sure you have heard of the stories of the poisoned elixir. It has taken it's toll on me lately; not long ago did it happen."

A knight named Tristran sat down and fell asleep, Naryan noticed that, and said.

"You must be all tired. I offer you my beds, they are all over there." she pointed to a hallway.

Many of the knights thanked her and gratefully walked down the hall. Athron, Chrispin, Torican, Shallianna and Surdna stayed however, (including the now sleeping Tristran.)

Naryan's beauty struck me so much, every time she smiled, I felt warmth and love, as through she knew I was watching from high above.

"Naryan," Chrispin said. "May I ask about your history? I have heard many things about you. Many rumors."

Naryan looked at Chrispin.

"Very well. Everyone knows about my gift to the world; I help things grow, and thrive. I was given an elixir of immortality the night my lover was slain, so I formed him into a tree. He is the Weeping Willow at the end of the border, for I was weeping. My immortality is limited, and it has its flaws, it is true I can die. I know many things, and sense many things." she said. "That is all you need to know about me."

Do you like Naryan? She's different, isn't she?