The North wind was racing the South wind that day. The haughty leaves were showing off their colors; red, orange, brown, and green; after being shaken down from their tree shelter by the wind.

"Where is that aftercare teacher?" I thought. I was playing outside with the two other second graders; Jacob, and Daniel. The aftercare teacher still wasn't here. So as I started to wander deeper into the quicksand of my thoughts, the trees became clouds, raining out all their leaves. The foolish trees were taking off their coats, thinking that there will be no winter this year.

"Tag! You're it!"

I started running around with Daniel and Jacob, joining in their game of tag. I felt light, and carefree. Suddenly, a great wind took form. I stopped. So did Jacob and Daniel.

"What's happening?" I asked to no one in particular. The leaves around me were awakening, and the wind, as if tired of their laziness, pushed them out into the air, and offered them a dance. The leaves were twisting, turning, flying, and making a tube of colors--- around me. What's happening? What's happening? The boys were watching in awe as I was enveloped in the colorful bits of leaves, crinkled as if they have lived for hundreds of years. It felt like I was flying, wind around me, I couldn't see anything but a blur of red, orange, green, and brown. I closed my eyes--- just for a second. Then I opened them.

Suddenly, I had a newborn's eyes; the world seemed new to me. I had an eagle's wings; real life was just a tiny dot from where I was. I was as light as snowflake, falling down, down, down… The leaves smoothed into a halt. It was over.

"Hey! That's not fair!" exclaimed the boys. "How did you do that? That's not fair!"

It was over.