This story started with an RPG which you can look at since it is right in my forums. My favorite character in this RPG to write happened to be a character with an impossible past who in the end found the love of his life in a young French nurse. In this story I plan to write his story down on paper so that his personally can come out on the page and so that he will be known by more then just the people I RP with.

Also, I know how long this chapter is but it sets the scene more then anything else. When you write a story you first have to introduce the characters which is exactly what I am doing right here.

The Winds of Uncertainty

Chapter 1: Left in the Dust

(September 1903)

The rain hit the windows of the large house in New York City, sounding like rocks pounding on a small piece of metal. A young man, only 16 years old, was sitting on a small sit near the window, watching the rain fall, his light blues half closed and thoughtful. It had only been that afternoon that he had talked to his cousin Danielle Plaine of the future and she had told him that he did have a future out there in the world, even if his parents didn't really believe in him. Now of course, it wasn't as if his family didn't love him, in fact he knew that somewhere in the hills of their disagreements that they did. The reason they didn't get along was him himself, because he was so self-centered that hardly anyone had learned to stand him or at least had never even tried.

"Tyler are you going to watch the rain fall all night?"

The dark haired boy by the window turned at the sound of his name and studied the other young man that stood before him, an older image of Tyler himself. "I like being alone," he said his voice soft and hollow, no life in it at all, "Is that really your problem? Look a carriage is pulling up now, maybe that's mom and dad home at last."

Tyler's light blue eyes met his brother's without blinking as he pushed his somewhat long jet black hair out of his face. Carefully he stood up and shifted the suit that his parents insisted he wear to show of the money that his family happened to process. "Let's go downstairs Robert," he said still sounding rather bored, "Our parents like to us to be there to welcome us home."

Right now a good description of Robert and his brother may be helpful. First with the older one, Robert who is solidly built with wide shoulders, an enchanting smile and a young handsome face. Ever since he had turned 18 a few months earlier the older brother had thought of himself as high and proper, a man not to be medled with and Tyler had allowed him to take control, showing off whenever he pleased. Tyler was the quiet one, the thinker who was smarter then his older brother although he never really talked to anyone. He was skinny as a stick and smaller then the average teenager, not very strong and not good at any sort of pysical activity. To most people Tyler just blended in and when along with the package deal of being one of the richest families in the city.

It was after the two boys had shared a few brief words that a hard rap was sounded on the door making Tyler make a small face. "What are they doing ringing the bell for?" Robert asked beside him, "Do they expect us to let them in or something? Or maybe they just forgot their key tonight?"

"It's not them silly," Tyler said, "They would never go as low as to knock on the door. It has to be someone else!"

"Alright then move you idiot," Robert said pushing by his younger brother to go down and get the door. Tyler quickly looked out the window once more before following hanging in the background. At the door was a police officer and he could barely make out the words.

"...your parents are dead, your aunt and uncle want your younger brother sent to a boarding school as soon as possible...yes we know how they died, it was a car crash. You parents didn't see that a tree was down on the road ran right into after tomorrow, we are truely very sorry young Mr. Johnston..."

Tyler looked at his brother. "Is it true?" he began to ask before his brother hit him.

"Of course it's true you jurk," he snapped, "Now go pack your bags, you are off to the worst boarding school in the whole country!"

Nine year old John Jeffery stood on the dock, his hazel eyes drifting out over the quiet Long Island Sound as his father was working on a small private fishing boat. His younger brother Thomas stood a few feet to one side. Tom Jeffery was only six years old, but still he found all sorts of way to get into trouble. John watched him, not at all amused when his brother started throwing rocks at their father. He headed over and punched him playfully on the back. "Stop that," he said acting like he knew what was best in the world, "Daddy's going to take us fishing and since it is your first time you may want to stay on his good side for once!"

Tom laughed and aimed a kick at his older brother, "One day you will look up to me Johnkins."

John glared at him as well as a nine year old could possibly glare at anyone, "I'll never look up to you."

That was when their father turned around and called to his two sons. "Come on boys, we have to get out there before all the fish swim away!"

Glancing at each other the two brothers soon forgot their small fight as they raced each other to their father's fishing boat.

(December 1903)

Tyler Johnston glared around the classroom before winking at his girlfriend. He didn't bother to pay much attention to what the teacher actually was saying because he had mastered French almost a year ago. When the bell rang he jumped up and ran to her side. "Jenny," he said ducking his head in a light bow, "Will you walk with me?"

Jennifer nodded and picked up her books, walking through the halls by his side. When they reached a quiet hallway, Tyler pulled her to the side. "I'm getting out of here," he said, "Tonight. Do you want to come with me? I promise that I can give you adventure and well anything you want you will have!"

"As runaways?" Jen asked, "You must be joking! As runaways we would hardly have anything."

Tyler sighed, "Yeah well, I know that but I know you hate this dump as much as I do!"

Reaching over and pecking his check Jen laughed, "I was joking silly, of course I'll come with you. After all you know how much I love you and how much we want to and are meant to be together. It will be fun."

Smiling Tyler kissed her lips briefly. "Then pack your bags," he told her softly, "We have a rough ride ahead of us."

Four year old Lucy McFee was in her family's living room as her father carefully slide her arms through the sleeves of his old French Army Uniform. When he finished she leaped into his arms and he put her on his shoulders. "Give me a ride horsey!" she cried, "We are off to battle!"

Lucy McFee's father was a soldier and he had been his whole life, something that his four year old daughter admired greatly. All she wanted with her life was to be with her father and then to someday actually run into battle, with her friends and comrades by her side. It was a strange wish for a female child of only four years but it was also something her father admired as he ran around the house while she pretended to be a soldier just like him.

"Alright," he finally said, "Enough is enough."

"But Daddy!" the four year old cried flipping her long braided hair over her shoulder, "I want more!"

The young man laughed and kissed her cheek, "Tomorrow sweet pie, it's past your bedtime."

Tyler paused at the edge of the school property, Jennifer by his side. "You ready for an adventure?" he asked, "Because this is just the beginning there is so much left to come."

She smiled, "I'm ready for anything Tyler so long as I am by your side."

Carefully the two slide off to freedom and headed into the streets. The life there was harder then they expected and soon the two started to steal whatever food they needed to survive on. One night when they were doing just that however, their life changed for the worst.

"I bet I can steal from that old devil!" Jen laughed as they hide behind fence, "I bet he can barely walk."

"It doesn't do to underestimate people though," Tyler whispered back, "What if that old devil is an old retire soldier with skills that we know nothing about."

"You've go to be kidding me," Jen said rolling her eyes, "That man's completely harmless, I'm going for him alone, just to prove that I can steal from people too!"

Slowly, Jen crept towards him and reached into the man's pocket pulling out his wallet before giving Tyler the thumbs up. He started to smile but then the old man whipped around and wacked her hard on the head with some device that he carried, causing the young woman to fall over, landing on the ground hard. Soon a small pool of blood gathered where she lay.

Tyler leaped to his feet and ran to her side, taking her still warm hand in his and feeling her life slip away before he looked up at her killer. "YOU MURDERER," he screeched, "YOU WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOU DID TO HER!"

He could feel his heart break as the man ran away and he carefully picked up the wallet that had fallen to the ground by his dead girlfriend's body. Peeling out the ID Tyler carefully read the name and started to plot his revenge.

Anton Frolov was eleven years old that day in the cold Russian winter where he lived with his parents. He had been born an only child and so was treated as one, spoiled even though his family could barely afford to keep itself on it's feet. Running up the lane towards his school, Anton could feel his strawberry blond hair being swept backwards in the breeze and his dark blue eyes held the excitement that birthdays often would bring to children.

As he approached the school his friends all came up to him and greeting him with happy birthdays and all the like until Anton was glowing from the inside. He pulled from his bag a small book on cars and boats. "When I grow up," he said proudly, "I want to work with machines! Big huge machines! I bet that I could be a sailor or maybe I'll even invent a new kind of transportation! Maybe I can learn how to fly!"

The kids all laughed at him until he blushed but Anton wouldn't give up his dream when he went home that day he keep thinking under his breath. "Just you wait, I'm going to be famous one day and you won't want to tease me then!"

(January 1903)

Tyler took a deep breath where he stood in front of his old boarding school yet again, the bomb in his hand. He couldn't believe that he was actually planning on blowing up the school but yet a month ago he hadn't thought that Jen would be dead and he hadn't thought that he would have killed her murderer. With every step he took Tyler wondered what had become of his life, if he had even been born for a reason or if maybe if his parents hadn't died that things may have worked out differently. But he knew better then to think about the past because thinking about the past was worthless and would never do him any good no matter how long he focused his attention on it. The past so far was painful and the future seemed like a looming doom.

"Hey Tyler!" Tyler whipped around to come face to face with one of his friend's from the boarding school, Justin Wood.

"Hello Justin," he said, "What are you doing outside of class? Are you skipping again?"

Justin nodded the wicked look in his eyes that he always had when he did something that he shouldn't have. "What've you there? Is that a bomb Tyler."

The small teenager nodded his black hair almost flopping into his eyes. "I'm going to blow up the school so stay away from it if you don't want to die too!"

Laughing Justin patter Tyler on the back. "You've got guts kid," he said, "I've dreamed of running away too and of destroying this devil of a school but you are one who is actually going to achieve all of these great things."

"Great!" Tyler snorted, "I'm going to be in hiding all my life! But well, I think it will be worth it. Now I've got to go, I have to have the bomb in there and I have to be out of here again in about ten minutes. Wish me luck will you?"

Justin laughed again as Tyler disappeared into the school coming out a few minutes later with a smile on his face, he had done it! On the side of the school Justin slowly formed an idea in his head.

Claire Bryson played with her hair carefully as she watched the teacher write the homework on the board, then she raised her hand. "Yes Miss Bryson?"

"Can I go to the lav please?" she asked in her fake but still sweet tone, "I understand what we have to do tonight already."

The teacher nodded slowly, "Make it quick."

Quickly Claire was out of her sit placing a note on her best friends desk on her way out the door to the lav that was just done the hall. She slipped in and closed the door just when the bomb went off and half the ceiling caved in. Ducking under the sinks most of the ceiling then fell in before the fire started and she heard the alarms going off. Very alarmed herself Claire leaped to her feet and ran from the building where a few other students where also gather. Many of them are still trapped inside, she thought, And most of them are never going to get out.

Tyler managed to get away without anyone noticing but Justin Wood made sure that everyone knew who had done it, even the newspapers before he found his friend again. "I'm coming with you," Justin said quickly, "Don't fight me on it."

"I won't," Tyler replied, "So long as you agree that for as long as we both live that you won't turn me in."

"Agreed," Justin said.

"Shake on it."

The two friends shook hands quickly before running off into the streets of New York City and disappearing for a few long years.

(May 1905)

Robert Johnston slamed his hand down on the desk at the police officer. "You've go to be kidding me," he snapped, "My brother's just killed off our entire family and you can find no leads! I know he's guilty stupid! He's the only one who would have the guts to do it! You read about what he did to the school just as much as everyone else in the entire country has read about it! He's a mass murderer and our job is to get him locked up behind bars where he belongs."

"I know that," the officer said, "And we are doing all that we can. Now could you please step out of the office. We can't have this outbursts everyday or we will never get the job done."

"I know I'm sorry," Robert sighed, "But he killed all those people sir, I'm only looking for justice."

"That," the officer replied, "Is exactly what I am going to do. He will be hanged as sure as I am in charge of the case."

If he was right, there would hardly be a story but facts show that he was wrong and maybe someday all of the people who were alive in the early 1900 centruy would met again in the battlefield or in the hospital during one of the largest wars in our history, World War I.