You see these beautiful eyes, bright and filled with laughter

Though, You've never seen them broken and brimmed with tears

You notice these lips as they spread into a smile while laughter rolls off the tongue

You don't hear the curses as they flow, continuously escaping the mouth

You watch as this hair gracefully sways in the wind.

You don't wait to witness as it cradles against these cheeks, hiding the shame

You think this heart is full of love and compassion

You don't realize, it turned black as it ripped down the middle

You see the pale hands, decorated in rings

You don't watch as they tremble in hurt and hatred

You see this body, innocent and strong

You don't hear the sobbing, as it is curled up in a corner

You notice only the mask, and the perfect life, not the lies

You will never see it, how it truly is, shattered and torn