Its been awhile since I felt the flow

And Instead of that heat

I got nothing but cold

Maybe I've just been too tense, ya know?

Too locked up, too cooped, too fitted, too tight

Like a veteran fighter about to lose his last fight

But tryin to climb free, leg poised to jump the fence

Cuz I've been learnin and learnin but nothing makes sense.

I'm like some jacked up hooptey, with chipped paint and dents

But my wheels still roll, yeah they can still turn

And as long as I got this fire, damnit ill still burn

Words that were locked up, for my breath they'd yearn

To show that lock and to sheath my key

To loose those words bound and shackled, set free

Forward from binds they tug on me.

And with this last breath, this very last verse

They rip and tear till forward they burst

Inhale, deep breath. Like new lungs

It hurts.

It has been a long time since i've written anything, but perhaps my touch of a poet is returned? Or.. perhaps not. Either way, opions are appreciated