Sometimes, you have to look twice before making a first impression

And sometimes, wishing isn't good enough


Wishing upon this glowing star

I am in awe, so bright yet far

An enigma I admit, I have to say

That you're simply stunning, even in day


We can't see you in daylight, but it only heightens our want

Anyone can love you, even a monk

There are no restrictions

There are no laws

The truth is, you have no flaws


Some of us are quiet, only wishing in our heads

Some of us are loud, dancing ahead

But some of us simply, look up and see

That the stars are always there, and always will be


Even the moon, my brightest star of all

Not an object, but gorgeous, she abides by no law

Just a free being, till this day

And if nothing can intervene, forever she shall stay


You constantly mesmerise me, there is only truth in this

Whenever were together, I'm constantly in bliss

Smiles alight, frowns are extinguished

My joy and laughter are very distinctive


Looking at you now, so full and bright

Lighting the darkness with all you might

You always win, it has been foretold

You will never fall, so the darkness is never cold


Night walks and dances upon alley streets

The people out there are never truly meek

They may be quiet, they could be loud

But you are always shining above them, indiscriminate and proud


Some of us glance up, and then continue talking

Others spare you some seconds, then carry on walking

But some of us few, for example like me

Just lie down and stare living and free


Alas in the past, there's was always the odd one who doesn't forgive

She cursed at the stars, and threw rocks at kids

People always believed, that no one could save her

That child was me, yet your will never wavered


You gradually wore away at my walls

Till there was nothing left except us and our war

I screamed and punched, scratched and kicked

But once again it was foretold, that in the end I would live in bliss


I'm with you now that's all that really matters

When you smile and wink i'm constantly flattered

Should I say this?

Do you really need to know?

I love you girl,

Simply bask me in your glow


Written quite a long time ago. No really, it was. It was written to you, and the fact that there are some factors that you can relate to make it even better, for me anyway, and besides, its not perfect.

But you are.

To you 3 I love you =]