She wove a clever spell, the little witch that locked you in your lovely prison. Violent eyes still scream obscenities through hollowed crystal, but you no longer have a voice to match. It's almost amusing, the way you assume I'll save you if you hold my attention long enough. You should know, my dear, just how patient I can be when there's nothing more entertaining.

Rose red silk magnified by the prison fulfills the role of chains. You are still lovely darling, but now you've gained a certain . . . vulnerability. Gorgeous. I've always had a fondness for the more fragile, transient parts of life, but I'm sure you already knew that. You know so much.

Do you miss your hands? Your legs? You don't have eyes anymore either, at least not as far as the rest of the world can see. I'm special. I still see you for what you are: a harlot in ivory, angel in crimson. Make your demands little flower, they're muffled by layers of illusion and a sound-proof cage. You'll die in there, atoning for your sins in solitude as you watch the world you loved forget.

He forgot you the moment you walked out the door. Your fates are entwined, but as you fade he'll flourish. You will die. I think you know, even though you can't remember how you came to be in your current state. I still see soft lips scream in lovely desperation. "Save me!" I imagine your voice reverberating off the crystal, bouncing back to stab you in the heart then fall to the floor coated in your blood and life. But nothing can hurt you anymore. See it as a blessing or a curse; only time and emotional progression will break the spell on both you and him. You'll watch him move forward from torment to love and resent him as much as you once worshiped. Please, forgive him before the end, that's all I ask. That's the only reason you've been allowed to remain a part of his life.

Now it's time to say goodbye. I promise that this is the last time you'll see me. Does that make you happy? I'll let you hate me if it helps. "I'm am sorry my beauty. You won't believe me, but it's true. Nonetheless, no one's gonna save you. Especially not me."

A/N: A companion to my other Beauty and The Beast story called "Rose." Wrote this in my creative writing class for a single-page subtext assignment. Not perfect, but I like it nonetheless. Review?