I yell out, take me away

Away from deceit and torture

And there I will stay

Stay in comfort and peace

I must say, I lied to you

I loved you, but the feeling soon ceased

It was a dream, but that was in the past

It turned into a nightmare, as you broke me

I was battered and torn like an old rag, how long would my heart last?

But then, he saved me

I am safe from you, and no longer scared

Don't you see? I have the victory!

Now I only hope, that you suffer

That your cruel ways will be used on you

I want to see your tongue cut off, so you are no longer a bluffer

I want you tied in a chair

Unable to move

As you are tortured, isn't that fair?

But, I have something else to tell

Whether it is ladylike or not….

I hope you rot in hell

Your Dearest Love