I was finding it increasingly difficult to look any of them in the eyes.

Oh sure, the Ramalie incident was blown off as just another murder by my psycho brother (not that anyone knew it was my brother except Orrion and My-Sexy-Buddies) and security was bumped up just a little bit (guards around everyone even remotely related to me) and life was better than ever (because I was sorely missed), but I felt horrible.

My little "plan" (which was undoubtedly going to be put into action) was tearing me up inside. Every time I looked in my friends damn faces or thought about Rain's motherless future or even glanced into Orrion's lovey dovey eyes guilt shredded through me. Ellacia was highly suspicious as was my mate himself.

Currently, I was situated side-ways in Nunny's lap listening to Grey bitch on and on about his little brother (who none of us had ever even met) and Nympho was massaging my shoulders and the base of my was humming a little song to Rain, who was smiling up at her with his little hands battering her fiery hair.

"-and then, the imbecile tried to convince the Lord of the Northern Isles that he had never known that the Lady of the Northern Isles was his mate. Can you believe the idiocy of the boy?!"

"Oh my, Rain you are so pretty. You are the prettiest baby, I have ever lain eyes upon. I think we shall wed once you are grown. Then we would have gorgeous children and I would be related to your momma."

"That is very creepy Kay..."

"Grey? Why in the Dark have we not met your infamous brother?"

"I have the strangest craving for fresh blood. Slave, come hither! Fetch me a chalice of human blood."


I allowed the conversation to just ebb and flow around me, I didn't input my opinions, just listened.

I felt calm, nearly empty.I knew that I had to go, or I never would.

Acting on the strange emotions I extracted myself from my comfortable position and kissed both Kay and Rain on the forehead. I made my way around the now quizzical, intrigued circle and kissed each one (even Argus).

I didn't look backward as I walked into the shadows.

I found myself outside, in a garden (of course) and in the rain.

Water made me happy. Rain made me fell happy all over. Someone could throw me in a tub and I'd be ecstatic. Throw me in a lake and well that'll be the last you ever hear of me. Then why could I feel my heart breaking?

"I know of your presence. You are constantly watching, are you not?"

My fingers ran along the handles of my daggers. I was ready, as ready as I possibly could be. I grasped the handles and let Composure take me.

My third eye was busily seeking Lucifer's ebony aura, but could find nothing thus far.

"Of course, my dear. You are my most recent plaything. I am nearly finished with you, unfortunately."

My twin was very suddenly before me. His golden eyes were sparkling with malice and pain, and he radiated black emotions.

"Nearly? Do not force my laughter. You have wallowed in your misery and hatred ever since you exchanged our souls. The murders you have committed in vain attempts to garner my attention are pathetic and cruel."

"Murders? I prefer very much to call them reflections. They are after all, reflections of you, my dear."

"Lucifer, I did not ask to be saved."

"But it was necessary that you were, dear."

My Composure wasn't really slipping, but I could feel in the back of my mind a bubble of anger.

"Necessary that I survive? I am grateful. Your conscience allowed me to live the life I was denied with very little repercussion."

"I am glad for you. I was denied everything I ever had. Shunned, hated, cast from my home and it is all of your fault."

"I disagree."

"And I have grown tired of you."

Lucifer moved swiftly towards me. Shards of light power met my dark shield, and I was momentarily distracted. He took the opportunity to slash a shallow wound into my side with one of his dual swords (I moved of course).

We were barely landing hits after that. I was faster, but he was stronger. I had knives, and he had swords. I was at a slight disadvantage with the whole bleeding thing, but it was nothing too severe.


Orrion's voice didn't break my concentration in the least, but it successfully broke my Composure.

My mate was so angry, hurt, afraid, and it just made my Composure flitter out the window of my brain and Passion replaced it.

Passion. It was one of my more annoying capabilities, but I suppose I can thank it for "saving" my life. It fueled my powers and allowed them to overwhelm my brother.

It was incredible, the Darkness. I hadn't truly encountered it for years, ever since Lucifer traded. It was mine, it didn't take control of my body, more I took control of it.

It sang to me in beautiful symphonies, dark and mysterious with a hint of melancholy. Surrounded me with the elements of my soul. I felt complete and broken, just like it should have been always.

I found myself hovering just slightly above my twin. My eyes were centimeters from his. The dagger in my hand was poised just above his third eye since his mind was the most damaged.

"My son has your eyes."

I kissed him between those golden orbs, which was my mistake.

His own blade slid under my sternum and nicked a portion of my heart. I breathed heavily almost in sobs.

"I love you."

"Love you too, little flower"

There was no sound as his breath stopped, his heart quit beating, and then there was sound everywhere.

Orrion was there speaking to me, couriers were screeching, the rest of my loved ones were also there, sobbing and screaming at me.


"No! Araceli save your breath, you are growing weak to quickly. You are losing too much blood, far far far too much."

My eyes fluttered open, to find myself cradled in Orrion's embrace.

What can I say......I'm a bleeder

Please do not leave me, I love you

You know I love you as well, but I cannot survive without him


I felt so tired, but somehow I managed to pull his unresisting hand to my heart and willed him to see the runes I had carved there.

Read it

"I will forever love you. You shall forever love me. I will always need him. He will always meed me. I cannot survive without either."

What does that mean?

Search for us where light and dark have mixed. I can not promise that my memory will be sound so you must make me remember. Search for us, love


He pressed his forehead to mine and rocked.

Hot tears splashed onto my skin, mixing with my own. We were crying. The Devil and the Angel of Hell.

The last thing I saw was that beautiful face, twisted with heartbreak.

The last thing I heard was the sound of his pain.

The last thing I felt was overwhelming love.

And then there was nothing...but Darkness.

I did not regret it.

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