A/N: I guess this is just going to be a range of poems describing how I'm feeling. I don't know what they'll be like.


I know to them I seem deranged
But fuck I know that nothing's changed!
I've been this way since you first stole my mind.

The twisted thoughts and superstition
Verify my own condition
And keep me nice and happily confined.

Shoot me if you chose to die;
I'm sure I'll fly you to the sky
And push you off the highest cloud in sight.

Or maybe I'll just shoot you first
And scream as if it's unrehearsed
I hope my dear you're not afraid of heights.

If you are, that's such a shame
I'm sure that someday you'll find fame
For now though just stay sheltered in my soul.

I trust that you will keep me sane
And never leave my mind again
Because my 'friend' it's you who keeps me whole.