-- Weeping rain trickles
Down my window pane
As tears keep flowing through
The blockage in my vein.

-- And I feel as if I'm floating
Through this life of mine
Waiting for a little love
Or caring light to shine.

-- A smile can tell a thousand lies
And truth is found in dreams
If only I could show you that
Not all is as it seems.

-- The dust can settle on our past
Yet still I won't forget
The happiness that my heart felt
When finally we met.

-- I've found another outlet
That plays on no concerns
Nobody seems to question
The reddened skin that burns.

-- The petals flutter to the ground
And shrivel in the sun
The metaphor of lonely hearts
That spin a world undone.

A/N: I know this is completely all over the place and nowhere near as good as it could be -- its overly cliché and has been done a thousand times -- but I am posting it in 'Going Through The Motions' so that should show you that this is simply how I am feeling etc...

Each new emotion or thought is indicated by the -- obviously... xD

No flames please -- I will actually cry.