Author's note: This is something I wrote in quite a hurry while I tried to fall asleep and failed at it because of the many thoughts jumping around. Not much work went into it after its original state, except for some commas here and there.

Hopefully you will enjoy it, and if you have any comments on it, whether it be constructive criticism or any other sort of thought, they will be gratefully received and replied to.


She'd awaken to the tapping of her mother's finger on her left foot, urging her to wake and get arranged. Pretending to be too tired, she turned her head the other way, trying to block out all noise and hopefully be left to sleep. Although she believed herself to be a magnificent actress, her sister, who was lying next to her, knew her all too well and, while sitting up, she wondered aloud if she planned on going with them, a tone in her sleepy voice with which she was truly implying she should. Words from her sister about the cold sank into her but being brave as she was she ignored the touch of Cold's fingers as it slid down her face, whilst the fans circular motion whispered silently in her cold ear to rise. Music blasting from the radio was suddenly set off by an alarm apparently set belatedly, and knowing the words to the song, Sleep's hold on her body was lifted from her and thus finding it in herself to place the soles of her feet on the russet wood floor. Sitting up though still on the taupe sheeted bed, she let her mind wander and sink into the thoughts that were her own sleep-created worlds with hints of reality in the backgrounds of the subconscious, much imagination spilled over by creativity and ingenuity enveloped in it all. Once struck by awareness and realization she stood and, though her mind meandering from thoughts to dreams, like a mindless puppet on she went with her day.

As was her routine for every casual day, she headed on towards the bathroom but, stunned, stopped to glance at the pale girl in the mirror, the one she saw solely in the mornings with chocolate, chaotic, undulating hair and rose colored cheeks. She continued her journey to the bathroom and washed her dreams away from her face with frosty water and cleanseners. Whilst drying the pastel girl's face, she commenced to observe her features, a finger trailing the sight of her eyes. Astounded, she stopped over the lips. They were a deep burgundy shade, a feature she loved to admire on anyone's appearance. Once out of her astonishment, she walked hastily to her closet since her family was all ready but she on the other hand was not. Dressing as swiftly as was possible, she grabbed a purse to fill with the needed contents for the day soon to begin and went on a search for just the right heels. Feeling arranged and ready, she stepped out of the sapphire room but only to return a second later and apply perfume to her bare neck and almost transparent wrists. She departed a second time and stopped for naught until the sun swathed the blushed cheeks on her velvety skin and off she went, into the azure surroundings of the cool breezy day.


How did it feel? What did it make you think of? Any thoughts, reactions...?

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