Pacifistic Masochist:

A glow in a darkened mind,
The spark in a dampened heart,
A stab in my open back,
A laugh from my twisted smile.

This smile is indeed genuine,
Stapled firmly across my cheeks,
Like the hands wired to yours with dirty twine,
Two bloody and in love freaks.

Barbwire is the rope that binds us,
Soot is the affection we breathe,
Puss is the life coursing through our veins,
And I must say, I love every last drop.

A pacifistic masochist perfect for you,
And all the bullshit you love to feed me,
And oh how I love to cling tight onto your cold shoulder,
And see what you can see.

I see a mirror shattered before us,
A suicide because of our love,
My my my, how I love love love you,
Stab my back one more time?