What keeps us here?

What keeps humanity

Firmly on the ground?

Is it the pull of power?

Or sanity?

What keeps you here?

Standing at my side

And trying to keep me ignorant?

Is it enjoyment?

Or a want of control?

What keeps me here?

Staying with you

When all I want is to leave?

Is it love for you?

Or stupidity?

What keeps me going?

Is it the thought that you're here

For however long that may be?

Are you protecting me?

Or guarding?


It is not you

You who keeps me here.

You are not my anchor

But a dream is.

A dream ties my feet

Straight to the ground.

It helps me see

What will become

If my dream comes true.

A dream of freedom.

An escape from you

To live my life truly

As I know I should

As I have always known

The reason you stay

Is to strip my freedom down

Keep me here

So that you're my only life line

That isn't going to happen

Not ever

Will I succumb

To your foolish game

Of self control

Control of me

Break free of your grasp

Of your stare

Of your heart lines

To live a life

Worth my time

My dream may not come true


But it will


In my future

My dream

Is still a dream

That gives me the power

That I need

To stay alive


I have my dream