Every by AndromedaMarine

For every life, a death
For every fleeting breath
When Fate arrives
Now taking lives
He meets what he maketh.

For every moment here
For every fallen tear
When Time slows down
We lose the crown
And fall into our fear.

For every woven thread
For every nail red
The tapestry
Of history
Has crumbled down – it's dead.

For every little sound
For everyone's background
The pin will fall
And hit the wall
An echo never drowned.

For every sad mistake
For every painful ache
The arch will stand
A tower, grand
For all those who forsake.

For every simple man
For every single clan
So Fate arrives
Now taking lives
Where history began.

When every person falls
We're walking into walls
Our time to die
Will come, goodbye,
But everyone recalls

For every woven thread
For everywhere we tread
The song that's sung
Of man amoung
Will never fall down, dead.