Gaining entrance to the morgue had been an easy matter. Simply slipping through the main door that had been 'carelessly' left open was hardly likely to be anything but easy, doubly so when one was dressed in a lawyerly pantsuit and carrying what could easily pass for a heavy briefcase. Had Svetlana needed to remain disguised or even unobserved by the cameras, it would have been much harder, but today her goal was the opposite. For her, this job was as much about solidifying her reputation as the money. It wouldn't take a genius to finger Doc Viscera as the thief, and being seen as the equal of a renowned villain in the city would make future work much more lucrative.

Getting into the storage rooms themselves, on the other hand, was proving to be significantly more difficult. There was only one way in, straight through the front door. Unfortunately, that way was blocked by a female hospital security guard and a man in hospital scrubs. The two were deep in conversation, unaware of the sections latest visitor.

Draw one off? Risky, may return too soon. No, need to subdue both before either can radio in. Lab coat doesn't have one. Both probably have mobiles. Little room for error.

A plan forming in her mind, Svetlana strode towards the pair, affecting a look of pure unreasoned hatred across her face. The two still hadn't noticed her. She was able to move right up to the pair before either noticed her.

Now. Make this believable. No tears, not on command.

"You cheating son of a bitch" she screamed at the man, lunging forward and hammering ineffectual blows down on his chest. "I thought I meant more to you than this." The man froze up, in shock or perhaps fear, then his mind reasserted some form of presence and he raised his arms as a shield, playing straight into Svetlana's plan. She lashed out twice, driving solid punches straight into his ribs. He dropped, gasping for air. As soon as he began to fall, Svetlana turned on the guard. Still frozen with shock at the unfolding scene, a single looping hook took her clean on the chin and she fell back, slumped against the wall.

Subcutaneous implants. Effective, not subtle.

Surveying the scene, Svetlana snatched the guards' two-way radio and paused, considering her options. After a moment of indecision, she settled on relieving both unconscious victims of their limited valuables.

A poor haul. A pity this hospital keeps the deceased's mementos separate from the morgue. The Party would benefit from an income boost. But it means fewer guards. That benefits me.

Gently opening the heavy, rubber sealed door to the first room of the morgue proper, Svetlana took stock of the situation. The room was cold, two surgical tables held place in the centre of the room, the walls lined with column upon column of the stainless steel drawers that would serve as temporary coffins and a single door at the end, double-width and looking very solid. This close to the bodies, Svetlana could sense the presence of each and every one.

Damn. Only 7 corpses. Not enough. In the other room? No, that's long-term storage. Bodies would be frozen solid. Useless to me. Necessary to improvise.

Wasting no time, Svetlana set about opening the handful of useful coffins, dragging the bodies out onto the floor and beginning the ritual phrase needed to awaken them.

"Exsisto existo, illud subter supter orbis terrarum. Populus iterum postulo vestri muneris." She whispered.

Slowly, each corpse rose sluggishly to its feet, swaying slightly beneath the artificial breeze of the air conditioned room. "Go forth, my friends. Terrorise the capitalist bastards" she yelled.

No need for fine control. Let them think I need speak to command.

The seven bodies shambled out of the cool room, past the morgues entry area and out to the hospital proper. Rather than follow them out, Svetlana moved back to the still unconscious forms of the two unfortunates she had subdued. Noticing the two cameras in the room, she moved rapidly and tore out both of them. Then she turned back to the fallen and appraised them more closely. The woman was perhaps 5'8 and just on the heavily built side. Close to Svetlana's own form. The man was slightly shorter, but of similar build. Still grinning as her plan came together, Svetlana rapidly removed the uniforms from both, bound them with cable ties stolen from the surgical tables and gagged them for good measure. From her briefcase, she pulled a set of surgical scrubs and haphazardly threw them on, then stashed both stolen uniforms in the briefcase.

Hopefully won't need these. The paranoia alone is worth the effort.

The radio was abuzz now, relaying desperate chatter back and forth as it seemed like the unguided zombies had spread out all over the ground floor of the hospital. Security guards yelled back and forth, reporting sightings and begging for orders. Supervisors fought to be heard, each voicing their own set of requests, none consistent with themselves and even less consistent with each other.

Soon, they'll call in the capes. I must be gone before they arrive. Need the head start.

"You're on your own, Doc. Don't screw this up." Svetlana muttered, dashing out into the chaos of a hospital suddenly dealing with a rather unique outbreak of vigorous aliveness in the recently deceased.