Hi to everybody who bothered to click into this story. This is my very first story over here in fictionpress. So please don't be too hard on me. I'm not sure whether to continue this story, so please review and tell me your thoughts! If u guys ( and girls ) want the story to continue, i will gladly finish tis story. So.............. Have fun reading this. Its kinda short, but its just the preface...........



Love. What exactly does it mean? Is it just a four letter word? Or does it signify something bigger? Some say that love conquers all. Is that true? Or is it merely an exaggeration? I never really knew what it meant….. Until the day I met him. And from then on, my life was never the same again.

I didn't really know what to feel. Some may call it love at first sight, while the others might call it foolishness. Why, instead of fear, I felt

compassion. And a little something I couldn't really identify, as I stared into those blazing red eyes that were once a nice shade of brown, filled

with hunger…. hunger for my blood. I wanted to scream, or yell, or just utter a word as his sharp pointed teeth plunged into my neck. But I

didn't say anything, because I couldn't. It was the price for the sacrifice I made for my loved ones. I couldn't even bring myself to blame my loss

of voice to them. Because I knew, that deep down in my heart, I felt it was worth it. Tears of agony started to feel my eyes as blackness

started clouding my vision. There was nothing I could do, nothing to stop it the pain before the pain became too unbearable. So I welcomed the

darkness, because it's the only escape for the pain I've been suffering, even just for a little while. As I closed my eyes, I heard a whisper so

soft and caressing. "I'm sorry."