This is about two characters created by me and a friend of mine... The inspiration for this really came from a sketch she drew.

You are my inspiration, kitteh 33

It's my first time attempting anything like this (lime) so it's not too good yes. However, I think the first part came out fairly well.


P.S. Warning: this is about two male fairies. So don't like it, don't read it.

There is only so much a fairy can endure, and Nye was definitely reaching his limits. Almost drowning in bubbly water after being shoved into a bathtub was worse enough, but to realize that his way out was blocked by a net just did it. Almost. Because there was someone standing in the corner of the bathtub, with wet clothes sticking to his body and dangerously glittering eyes.

And a cool, carefully controlled voice: "Hello, Nye"

"Uhh… Hi" Not good.

"Nice to meet you, especially in such a…" there was a dangerous pause "charming environment"

"Eh. Yes. I am very pleased about that as well" nervous chuckle.

"I wouldn't say that I am pleased about it. So…" Another pause, slightly longer than the first one and much scarier. "Care to explain exactly why I am here, Nye?"

"Ehh, it's actually a quite tedious story" He said quickly, trying to suppress the panic in his voice. "And very long. I don't think you would be interested"

"Oh, but I am interested. And there is nothing else I can do in here, now is there?" The eyes were skimming his body now, the voice still quiet and soft, but danger laced every word. Like the footsteps of a wolf, slowly circling his prey. Nye swallowed, trying to gain control over his voice, failing miserabely.

"Uhm, no, I guess…" he murmured

"So, how did we end up here?" the no-matter-what-you-say-you-will-be-murdered glare and the velvet voice again.

"Ehh, yes. Do you remember yesterday? How it was raining?" Rey gave a short, tight nod. "And do you remember how I went outside and got a bit… dirty? And well" He took a deep breath, preparing himself for whatever Rey had in store for him "I kind of got Mido's musical notes dirty"

Silence. A long, uncomfortable silence. Nye eyed the other fairy that looked as if he was trying to figure out a more painful way to kill him other than drowning or strangling him with the limited tools available in the bathtub. Finally, the black-haired one spoke, making Nye flinch.

"Oh well. Let's try to get out of here." Fairy number two stared at him, unable to respond to this sudden attitude change. Rey noticed his hesitation and an almost cruel smirk appeared on his face.

"Oh, don't worry. You will pay for this."

Getting out of there, as Rey had called it, was much harder to accomplish that it sounded. Mido had put a net over the bathtub and no matter how hard they tried they were unable to squeeze themselves through it or lift it up in some ways. Finally, however, they managed it by ripping the individual fibers of the net, something only small fairy fingers could do. Rey went, first and Nye followed him, away from the disgusting smell of human soap. But he was reminded all too soon that he hadn't escaped yet- and when he saw Rey's expression he would have done almost everything to be in the bathtub with a net separating him and Rey.

"Where do you plan on going, Nye?" The voice was like silk, soft and light, but it sent shivers down Nye's body. The raven fairy didn't wait for an answer; instead he grabbed the smaller ones arm, so hard that Nye winced.

"Stop it, Rey. That hurts!"

"So? I thought you liked that" His grip tightened and the silky voice was now like ice- cold, hard and sharp. "If you don't fly, I'll let you crash into the ground" He warned, without turning to look at Nye- and let himself fall from the edge of the bathtub. For a moment, it seemed as if Nye wouldn't follow even though Rey's hand was still gripping his arm painfully. Then he let himself drop as well, and started moving his wings almost automatically. Rey was dragging him along and he had no choice but to follow- the other fairy was much stronger than him and he had no doubt that Rey would let him fall and hit the ground if he stopped flying- and fairy limbs are very fragile.

Rey led them outside, into the forest and after a while Nye summoned the courage to ask the obvious question on his mind: "Uhm… Rey… Where are we going?" First, there was no answer, then "You will see". There was silence after that, and Nye felt how his wings started hurting- he wasn't bad at flying and had no problems flying over a longer period of time, but Rey spent most of his free time outside, doing crazy stunts and racing himself or the wind. He started breathing faster, but Rey's hand was still clamped around his arm pulling him along mercilessly. After a while, he dared to talk again

"Rey! Could we please go slower?" Rey didn't turn around this time either, but when he spoke his voice sounded cruel

"What, tired already, Nye? Can't deal with it? You're pathetic" Nye didn't respond, but these words hurt more than he'd ever admit. But they were flying slower now.

When they finally stopped, Nye realized that Rey had led them to the waterfall. Rey looked at him for a second, then, still gripping Nye's arm lead them to a part where only little bits of water were trickling down the wall, and hidden behind the curtain of water, there was a small cavity in the rock face. Rey landed in front of the falling water where there was a small ledge that was covered with water.

"Uhm, Rey?"

"Shut up!" he let go of Nye's arm, but forced him under the falling water "You smell like soap. It's disgusting."

"Well, you don't smell any better" Nye shot back, rubbing his arm that had had gone numb during the flight.

"Shut up!" Rey ordered again, but slipped next to Nye. They were almost touching, and Nye pressed himself against the wall trying not to anger Rey in any way now. The water was cool, but not uncomfortably so and he enjoyed it especially since it washed away most of the soap. But...

"This isn't working" Rey noticed after a while "It won't come out of the clothes."

Nye answered with an indefinable sound, unsure what would come next. What did come next, however, was so unexpected that he almost fell of the ledge. Rey grabbed him just in time. "Careful, it's slippery!" After a second "Well, you heard me. Take them off" Nye still stared at the other fairy. "Oh, come on!" Rey sounded impatient "It's not like there is anything wrong with that. We're both guys," he smirked "Or are you shy that way, Nye?" Nye shook his head, automatically, but made no move to undress. He heard Rey sigh, annoyed and extremely irritated now. "I don't want to have you smelling like this disgusting soap" He turned towards Nye, and ordered "Turn around"

"W-wait. What?" Nye felt the heat rising to his face, and then he saw Rey smirking.

"Oh, I see. Well I had always wondered why you dressed so weirdly" Nye stared at him, expression something between surprise and horror. Which, he realized, totally gave it away. Rey laughed, mocking, and pushed him against the wall. "Just turn around, okay?" he whispered into Nye's ear, his warm breath ghosting over the other's cold skin. Then he let him go and Nye, still somewhat in a shock did as he had been told, and soon felt Rey's fingers opening the ribbons that held his shirt together under his wings. It slid to the ground, and suddenly there was the warm breath again at his ears, and then Rey was biting his ear, almost painfully. Nye froze, unable to move or react in anyway. Well, in any way other than that. "Stop" he whispered, finally able to speak, but his voice sounded hoarse.

"No" He felt Rey burying his head in his wet hair "You smell so good without that disgusting soap" he murmured. Fingers started tracing his shoulders, then further downwards, arms trying to work their way around his wings.

"Stop it, Rey" There was no response; the fingers had now found what they were looking for and had started pinching it, again so hard that it was just not painful.

"My wings! Stop it. It hurts" He whimpered, feeling tears burning in his eyes. Almost immediately, the fingers were gone and the arms had stopped crushing and bending his wings. There was nothing but the sound of the falling water for a moment, then Rey's voice, but soft, almost caring this time

"I'm sorry. I didn't think. I didn't want to hurt you" he murmured. Again, there were fingers, but this time they were tracing his wings. Careful feather touches. Then, he was turned around and there were lips on his, soft at first, but soon they got more demanding and Rey's tongue was licking his lips. At first, Nye refused to open his mouth, but then the fingers were teasing his nipples and a moan escaped Nye's lips- a chance Rey took to slide his tongue between the other one's lips. It felt good, so good. Rey was almost gentle now, carefully sliding his still wet hand over Nye's body while exploring the smaller one's mouth with his tongue.

They broke apart, far to soon for Nye's liking, panting for air while Rey's hands continued to roam over his body. They slipped downwards, lingering on his bellybutton for a moment, then going further. His breath hitched in his throat when they undid the ribbons that held his skirt in place. He moaned quietly, eyes closed and then he heard Rey's voice near his ear "I don't understand why you insist on wearing those ridiculous clothes" he whispered. Nye had an answer ready, waiting on the tip of his tongue to be shot at the other fairy, but then there were lips on his own, and Rey's body was pressed against his.

The hands were in his hair now and a leg was pressed against his groin, moving ever so slightly. When Rey finally broke the kiss and started nibbling his ear Nye was panting and slowly growing extremely frustrated, his eyes closed and his head leaned against the wall "Why are you still wearing all your clothes, and I'm wearing nothing?" he managed between moans and whimpers because Rey's hands were slowly driving him crazy. There was a low chuckle "Because this is your punishment" the voice whispered, but for a moment the hands retreated and when he lazily opened his eyes, Rey had managed to undress himself in the short time and Nye couldn't help but stare at him. He looked simply perfect, his body thin and slender, but not as fragile as most fairies including Nye. Rey laughed, his ever slightly mocking laugh, as he noticed Nye's eyes on him and leaned forward for another lip bruising kiss, while his hands were now definitely driving Nye crazy.

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