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In the days before man was created, angels were God's first creation. Pure, beautiful creatures who bowed down before their beloved God. And there, on His right hand, was Lucifer, the highest of all angels.

One day, God decided the world below Heaven needed life and so began His work. From His hands, sparkling oceans sprung, majestic mountains rose, and life took its first steps into the light. Adam, the first man, was born. Satisfied with His work, God announced the news to His followers and told them to bow down before Adam.

Lucifer refused.

Gathering an army, he led them to war with the remaining of God's loyal angels. But he was outnumbered, only a third of the angels in had joined him. And the leader of God's army was Michael, the great warrior himself.

They lost.

Their punishment: Exile.

And so, God swung His hand and Lucifer and the rest of the rebellious angels fell down from Heaven, forever banished and never to return. It seemed like that was the end.

But it wasn't.

As mankind began to multiply, the fallen angels noticed how very beautiful man's daughters were. At Lucifer's urging, the angels took them. From this forbidden mating, the Nephilim came into being.

God could not allow such demons to roam. Knowing He had to cleanse the human race of its sins, He sent a Great Flood and bound the fallen angels, Grigori, into the valleys of the earth.

Lucifer vowed he would have revenge against God for having thrown him from Heaven, but for now he would retreat into the darkness.

It seemed peace could finally begin.

But things are never as they seem.

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