My New Year Resolution

This year has been incredible. Sure – like any other year, it's been filled with every drama imaginable. It's been chock-full of roller-coaster emotions. We've all had more than our fair share of triumph and failure, success and disappointment, happiness and heartache. We have lost and won. We've learned and grown. We've been loved and ignored and ridiculed. We've made fools of ourselves and we've been the better people. We've made enormous mistakes and gone through flames to make retribution. We've risen above and sunk below. We've gained respect and admiration and love.

Basically, it's been your average year of high school.

My resolution this year is to do anything and everything I can to make the year ten times better than last year. I want to smile more and frown down upon people less. I want to change a life and change my relationships for the better. I want to make friends and I want to bea better friend to others. I want to be loved and I want to be known as the one who loves everyone. I want to gain respect in others' eyes, and I want to learn to respect other people more. I want to be appreciated and I want to tell everyone exactly how much I appreciate them. I want to be remembered, and I want to remember everything and everyone.

I want this year to be so amazing that no matter what happens, I can smile at the end and say,

"Today was good; today was fun;

Tomorrow is another one."

(-Dr. Seuss)