Seven Days to Win Gwen Labelle


One Week. One Girl. One Stupid Idea.

"See that girl?"

"You mean Gwen Labelle?"

"Yeah, her." Louis took a drink of his Pepsi, eyes fixed on said girl from across the mall's food court. She wasn't particularly beautiful: black cat-eye glasses, bright red hair in short pigtails, a little chubby, a couple tiny zits by her chin. She wasn't particularly popular either. She was more of a girl you said "hi" to in the halls and that's about it.

Evan exchanged a look with Connor and they both looked at Louis suspiciously. "Why? What are you planning?" Louis was infamous for his rather stupid and or ridiculous ideas, which would have otherwise been funny if he didn't keep dragging Evan and Connor into them. Evan still had nightmares about the Furby Experiment, and that was in fifth grade.

"I'm gonna make her like me." Louis paused to think it over. "In a week."

Connor stared between Louis and Gwen. It didn't sound like there was much of a chance for Louis to get them in on the action, so this daring proclamation had his blessing. "OK," he said. "One problem."

Louis looked confused and frowned. "What is it?"

"You don't actually know her."

Louis laughed. "Which means that she doesn't know me, which will make it all the easier to get her." He took another drink. "She looks nice enough."

Evan had to shake his head. "I dunno, man. She's best friends with Riley Finnegan, y'know." It was common knowledge that Riley, who was rather popular, was very headstrong and very protective of her friends. Dylan Lloyd, an acquaintance, swore passionately that Riley could smell fear. "Everyone knows that if you want to get a girl, you have to get her best friend's approval."

"Meh." Louis rapped his fingers on the table. "Shouldn't be too hard. I've never seen Riley glare at me or anythin' like that. I just have to be on my best behavior."

Connor still had his doubts. "I don't think you'll pull it off," he said skeptically. "Gwen Labelle doesn't seem like the kinda girl who'd like a guy after seven days." He didn't have a sister, needless to say.

But Louis and Evan, both having sisters, laughed out loud. "You kidding?" Louis grinned. "Girls are so weird. All it takes is a few well-chosen words, a couple moments of being alone together, eyes-meeting incidents, and some 'accidental touching'-" He used air quotes there- "and they're practically head over heels."

Evan nodded. "Cheers to that." He held up his Mountain Dew and bumped it against Louis' Pepsi.

Louis smiled knowingly at the look on Connor's face. "Give me one week. That's all I need."

Random idea I had. Going for daily updates because wouldn't it be perfect if this story finished on Valentine's Day? :P I dunno.

Have the soda/pop product of your choice. And some cake. ^^