When Werewolves Mate

By: Just4fun0890

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"Lilly! Are you up yet? You're going to be late again!" I rolled out of bed knowing that there was no way I was going to make it to school on time. I hated Wednesdays. After I decided to take my time, I headed to the bathroom to take a shower. The brief attack of freezing cold water woke me up before it's fast yet smooth transition to warm.

While washing my jet black hair, I mentally went through my closet trying to figure out what to wear. Finally getting out, I went to my room and decided on light blue, bell bottom jeans with a white tank top that only went jump above my midriff. Over that I put a black shirt/sweatshirt. It had a v-neck with ¾ sleeves and a thin hood. I pulled it over my head and then went to the mirror to put on my make up. Quickly finishing it a bit of eyeliner around my green eyes and some mascara, I pulled my hair into high pony, grabbed my black heels and ran downstairs.

"Oh look the Princess has decided to grace us with her presence. I feel so blessed."

"Shut up Adam. I was up late working on homework. Sorry we can't all be nerds." Adam, my younger brother my 11 months, laughed. He laughed because I really am a nerd. I know it, I accept it, and I embrace it. While I don't get straight A's the lowest grade I ever had was a C that I received in 7th grade science. That teacher was a douche though so I forgave myself for that.

Grabbing a bottle of water and a bottle of juice and putting them into my bag, I walked across the street to my best friend's house, Amy. We have been friends ever since she moved here in the 4th grade. While we had our fights, if something bad ever happened, we were there for each other.

Getting up to her door I was about to open the door when she came out. Over the years, our styles had changed and almost always differed from each other. While I preferred hiding everything important, Amy liked to show what she had. Luckily our school has dress codes because if they didn't I'm not sure what Amy would wear. Today she was wearing a red pleated miniskirt with a white t-shirt that had a small design and a red mini vest. She had on 3inch spike heels, which to this day I don't understand how girls wear them.

"Hey Ames. Ready to go?" I always have to ask this because for some reason this triggers Ames into remembering something she forgot.

"Yep. All s..OH CRAP!" As usual, she opens the door and runs inside. Waiting for minute she come out.

"What'd you forget?"

"Assignment for Firefighting class." I never got over how Ames decided to take firefighting class. She's so girly I didn't think she'd do it but in the end she loved it.

"Cool. Ready now?"

"Yep" We both got into her car so we could get to school.

"Soooooo, how's the birthday girl?"

"Well considering it's not my birthday yet, I'm fine." I said laughing.

"Come on. Your birthday is in a week. You are officially the birthday girl. Besides, if you aren't the birthday girl, then I can't give you my present."

"Okay, fine, I'm the birthday girl. What's my present?"

"You get to stay the night on Friday and Saturday."

"Ames, you do realize that we spend the night at each other's houses almost every weekend right?"

"I know. You gotta have faith in me though. It will be fun."

"Oh no. Last time you asked me to have faith in you, you had signed us up for bikini bowling. While it was for charity, I was so embarrassed.

"But you had fun remember."

"Okay, but if I don't have fun, it's your head. Deal?


After that Wednesday morning, the rest of the school week was uneventful. On Friday, after school, I packed a bag and headed over to Amy's house. Going up to her room I dropped off my stuff and greeted her.

"So what are we doing tonight?" Throughout the week I asked her but she never told me.

"Before I tell you, what clothes did you bring?"

I unzipped my bag and took out the clothes I had. I saw her grin and then that's when I knew something was up.

"We are going to Full Moon"

"What? The club? There is no way I'm going to a club."

"Why not?"

"How about the fact that we are underage."

"Minor detail. My cousin's boyfriend works there and says he can get us in. We can't drink though."

"Oh. Bummer," I said sarcastically," you know how I love to drink."

"Seriously, let's go. It'll be fun. P-P-P-Please."

"Okay but you, being the club veteran that you are, have to pick what I'm wearing. I don't want that headache but it has to be more of my style."

After seeing her eyes light up at that I knew I had to go. For some reason she loved dressing me. Well she loved dressing everyone. Personal shopper. That's her. So finding a few different outfits she tells me to try them on.

Trying them all on, we both decide on black jeans, a brown baby doll style shirt, and my black, heeled boots. As for my hair, we decided to keep it with its natural loose curls. Amy put on her outfit and she had gone with a beige miniskirt dress. She put he blonde hair half up did her make up and then we left.

We arrived at the club and walked straight in after Amy talked to the bouncer there. Amy turned to me and said something but it was so loud I could barely make out what she was saying. She went to my ear and said to try to find a table and she would go get sodas. Going in opposite directions, we both went searching.

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