Author's note

Okay first of all I am sorry that I didn't update when I said I would and unfortunately this is not the next chapter. I haven't been able to get online in over a week and I think that was a blessing in disguise.

I logged onto my email and started reading reviews most were good but then I got a few that confused me a bit saying that I ripped off the plot from another story or that it sounded a lot like it. Scratch confused, I was dumbfounded. It might be easier if I told you all how my story came to be.

Now in my profile, I said that I love werewolves. Well my sister does too. So she comes to me one morning and starts telling me about this dream she had about a shapeshifter who finds his mate/other half but she doesn't know it. Now to be honest I thought that it had been strung from Twilight because she is Twilight crazy. I thought that the shifter had been part of the tribe and found his mate but didn't want anything to do with him and so on. Completely logical.

Now let me tell you a little about my sister. She great but she has a little bit of a tendency to forget days. Not as in not remembering about Tuesday but she sometimes doesn't remember if stuff actually happened or a dream. (Sometimes makes me wonder what she really does dream about).

So she told me about this "dream" she had. In turn after a few nights of sleeping, I end of dreaming of werewolves which causes me to write a combination of my dream and her "dream."

So after I read those reviews, someone thankfully told me the name of the story that was similar. I read it by the time I read 6 chapters I was having trouble breathing. The story I had worked so hard on was taken from elsewhere. I couldn't believe it. That night when my sister got home I talked to her about t and sure enough, after I had her read it, she said that that was her "dream". I was so angry.

Please believe when I say that I in no way intentionally copied Craving Me. If you can bear with me for another week, I plan on overhauling the story. I will email the author of the story and apologize for any harm caused. Please remember though that while I will overhaul the first few chapters, and things will change, not everything will change. Currently, the story is set up to go where I want it to, which is different from the other story, at least I hope it will. I didn't get past chapter 7 or 8 so I'm not completely sure where it was going but based on what my sister said, it will be different.

Once again, I am sorry for any harm I caused to the readers. Please bear with me and I will change the story.

Thank you,