As you start to talk to me,
I nod as if I understand,
your words go in one ear
and come out the other.

In reality, I don't know why
you keep telling me
these painful things.

I want to return into a seed
instead of growing like a rose
'cause I'll be full of thorns
and I don't want to hurt you.

As you start to show me who you are,
your dreams warm my winter,
by the minute I see the light in the darkness,
though to be alone it's not so bad.

To be with you it's not either,
the way you took my hand,
I started to smile 'cause I felt like that.

I think I'm a forgetful kind of person,
I'd rather ignore the pain,
though I know it'll corrupt my heart
someday, I'll wait for forever.

As you start to draw your wings,
I realize how fragile is your soul,
your innocence and your passion,
please, don't fall with me.

Between roses and sunlights
I want to sleep until that day
to dream of you...

Forgive me for forgetting you,
I'll be forgotten like you were, but
we'll be able to remember each other
'cause of the love that remains here.