"It's pink," Holly whispered.

She continued to stare at the little pink stick, waiting (was she really though? ) for it to change to blue. She swallowed. It wasn't changing. Oh, God. Was it just her, or did her breating rate just increase? Was she hyperventilating. She couldn't hyperventilate, she was pregnant!

What was she going to do? How was she going to tell people? "Oh no," Holly groaned. She'd have to tell Naomi. Will. Oh, crap. Well, no, she could tell Naomi. She would slap her upside the head, yell at her for being stupid but then she'd start making lists and organizing everything. That would be fine. But Will? Could she tell Will? Should she tell him? They hadn't exactly parted the best of friends.

Two Weeks Earlier:

"Are you breaking up with me?" Will asked increduously. "Why?"

"Well, because, uh, we're going in different, uh, directions. You and I want… different things out of this relationship. So it's just not worth it anymore," she finished quickly. 'Please don't yell. Please don't yell.'

"Not worth it anymore? What the fuck is that supposed to mean? And what things could you possibly want that I fucking don't? And what the hell, Holly! What has the last year been all about then? " 'Oh God, he was yelling.'

"Kids." He shut up. "Marriage. Someone who's willing to commit his whole life to me just as I want to commit my whole life to him." Wow, she was on a roll. "I want someone willing to wake up next to me every morning—not leave in the middle of the night, even after a year." He visibly flinched at that.

"Will, but I deserve to be in a relationship that's going somewhere. I don't want to be free-floating and in-between forever. I can't do that. I want a family too much for that."

"Is there anything I can say that…?" His voice had gone all soft and oh no, now she was going to cry. 'Don't cry. Don't cry.'

"No…not without lying to the both of us…I'm sorry." She could feel tears falling now.

"You're sorry?" Oh no, he was angry again. " You asked me if we were going anywhere two weeks ago and when I said no then, you didn't say anything. Tell me, Holly. Why did you wait two goddamn weeks to break up with me? Were you confused or were you trying to find someone to replace me first? All this crap about marriage and kids and wanting to commit—you're just scared of being alone. So what'd you do, huh? Did you get your friend Naomi to set you up with some loser friend of hers? Or did you go to a club and fuck the first willing guy? God, do you have any standards?" Will demanded.

"I dated you so no I guess I don't , do I?" Holly yelled back, sobbing.

Will froze. He stared at her for a moment and then he turned around and left.

And that had been the end of the best relationship of her life.

Wiping the tears from her cheek, Holly resolved not to tell Will about the pregnancy. She didn't want him to think she'd manipulated the situation so that she got what she wanted (which was kids). Oh God, she was going to have a baby. A baby. And suddenly she was excited—she was going to have a family of her own! 'Finally.'

But wait. She was on birth control. Could this be a false positive? Did she still want it to be? (Un)Surprisingly, the answer her heart immediately gave was a resounding 'NO'. And besides….this was her 10th test. Her 10th positive test. Ok, so she was definitely pregnant.

But the question still remained. How did it happen? She racked her brain for a time when she'd forgotten to take the pill but no, she's always remembered. She took it every day at exactly 12:00, when she went on her lunch break at work. And then she remembered.

She'd eaten bad sushi a couple of months ago and had thrown up. She'd gone home early and Will had come over to see how she was doing and because she was feeling better, one thing had led to another and they hadn't used a condom as usual because Holly was supposed to be on the pill…

Holly's expression took on a pained look as she realized Will was also gone from her bedroom. And a horrified expression when she realized she wouldn't have sex for a long time, not with her being pregnant now (and looking it too) and then having a kid to raise…she'll be way too busy to date. Well, that was okay. In seven and a half months, her whole world will be this kid. She won't need anyone else then. (Right?)

'This kid had better be worth it,' Holly thought, running a hand over her stomach. But she already knew he (or she) would be.