The Headmaster of the Evil Slayers

He unfurled the school's banner

And with glory,

He smiled.

It had been many millennia

Since the school

Of the evil slayers

Had last been open

On the planet of Gorga.

The school closed

When war brewed

Between Northern Kelvar Gorgan

And Southern Gorgan,

But it never opened after

'Cause the headmaster had left

For another planet

To never return to Gorga.

Many wonder where he went,

But today, the unfurled banner

Proves the evil slayers

That their school will open at last

And start anew

In a realm where war

Will never stop them from training.

The new headmaster,

One of the Guardians,

Cast himself as the one

That will bring forth the school again

Because he is the bearer of the sword Gai Ka

And one who has spirits

Who guide him

And those spirits

Have protected him since youth

And the newest of them

Was the old headmaster

Of the school

Of evil slayers

And he has pledged

To help the new headmaster

To be a guiding light.

The unfurled banner flaps in the wind

As the new headmaster looks upon it.

The new headmaster

Drew out from his sheath

The Gai Ka

And saluted the banner

With the Gai Ka.

As returned the Gai Ka to its sheath,

He looked at the orange object hanging from his belt

That had brought him to this time

And gave him hope.

He was Petshop,

Master of the Orange Magic!

Petshop, the Evil Slayer

And Headmaster!

Petshop, once Half Prince of Gorga.

And always he was just Petshop

Of Des Moines Bikevile

And fastest biker

With talents that gave him all of his other titles,

But one has to wonder

What if

He was not blessed

With talents,

Then what would he be?

Petshop would say he would be just Petshop.