Author's Note: I thought of this during English 207, a creative writing course. Now, how many of you reading this have had a teacher that you want to do this to that teacher?

The Teacher Being Reprimand

I don't like you one bit, you female dog. You don't deserve human respect, in mater of fact, you don't deserve any respect. You deserve to be step on for I am better than you, female dog. You should be leashed and drugged all the way back to the higher education school you came from. Don't you dare even use that tone towards me. Fairness is not what you are about because you play favorites within this class. There is nothing fair about this class. I feel like I am not being treated as if was equal with my fellow classmates even though I am smarter than them. Unequal is how I feel because fairness is when everyone knows the requirements of the assignment and everyone is given the assignment at the same time for everyone, not everyone in one class. Female dog, I know about your unscrupulous practices. Those practices are unfair to all of us. You are such a female dog and should be removed from this school as a teacher because you are so unfair. You female dog will not see my good side. If concern for my sister's sake didn't hold me back, you would be gone by now, female dog, and no longer able to teach. You demean students with that tone of voice and just knowing you can demean students without punishment is bad enough. If there was someone who could protect my grade in your class for your unfairness, I would have reported you to the principal. Alas, there is no such thing and you, female dog, should count your blessing, but I will find a way to get back at you for your unfair ways of teaching and then you will not be in any shape to teach. I heard you, female dog, that you gave someone a B just to show there is room for improvement when that person was doing A work and I just don't think that is right. Well, female dog, it is time for me to go off to college where things are lot more fairer in regards to treatment. There never does seem to be a end to you.