This is truly a twisted, slightly creepy poem, and I find it hard to believe that I wrote this dark piece of work. My pen name was based on this poem, since I wrote the poem way before I had an account on here. Well…without further ado…My Darkest Fantasy…

My Darkest Fantasy

Sitting alone
Far from home
The night is cold
And hard as stone
The trees groan
In silent misery
And in protest
Shake their leaves
The only light
A sliver of moon
Not enough
To cut through the gloom
My body shakes
My pulse slows
I think about things
No one else knows
I sit alone
On my bed of stone
Don't wanna go home
Wanna be alone
My blood it pounds
Through my veins
I hear the voices
Argue in my brain
I think to myself
It's always the same
Don't wanna go home
I am going insane
Dark thoughts
Here all the time
And yet I find
A light shine through
My impending doom
A silver knife
Cuts through the moon
A silent cry
For help comes soon
You have to have
Cried to hear it
And though you seem
To be near it
You can't do a thing
The light is darkening
My darkest fantasy
On wings big and black
It's a fact
You say I'm crazy
You say I lie
But you haven't felt
The pain I feel inside
Back away
Don't come near
I'm all alone
I like it that way
I hate my life
It's gonna stay that way
You can't change me
My thoughts
My mind
Even the slowest form of suicide
Love cannot stop time
My darkest fantasy and I
We spend most of our time
Together forever
Never to change
X marks the spot
Why can't a knife be the answer
I ask, you say
It doesn't have to be this way
You say I can change
But even you see
The darker side of me
My darkest fantasy
Bittersweet memories
Bring back time forgot
As I plan my next move
Again X marks the spot
A small swift cut will be enough
Dark blood runs down
On the cold stone
Life is tough
As we all know
Laughter dies
Love kills
It's the slowest form of suicide
And yet you still refuse
To let me die
The pain comes swift
So fast so sharp
As I see them walk by
A happy couple
Hoping for blue sky
A swift kiss
A long hug
A smile then a frown
As the one I love
Sees me lying on the ground
He says he's sorry
Sorry doesn't ease the pain
She smiles so smug
As he hugs her again
They walk off together
And leave you to see
Me give in once again
To my darkest fantasy
Pain will be my sister
Death my new lover
The knife so sharp
Above all other
Reality fades, blue skies
Always grey
The blood runs down
To stain
To stay
As I begin to believe
Once again
My darkest fantasy