Why does it seem every time I try to love someone they always leave? Every single time. Do they just not feel the need to stay around? Am I not good enough? Endless questions come across my mind. But it's not like I care anymore, much.

Okay, I'll admit it I want to be noticed…I just want someone to say, "you're the only one for me." I want them to look into my eyes and mean it completely. I want someone to love me, is that so hard to ask? But, I know that's never going to happen…Because, I mean, seriously, look at me! I'm nothing special and PLUS: I don't deserve anything more than what I get.

I guess I deserve all of the punishment I've been given, I'm a cold-hearted person after all. But, it's not so bad being alone though, I mean it's quite peaceful and I get a lot of time to do things that I wouldn't be able to do before. It's not hard like I've heard relationships are, so I guess it's not as bad as it seems. I am tough on the inside, but that's only because I'm afraid of getting hurt. I hid my sensitive, loving side and replaced it with a rough, non-trusting feelings. I hate getting rejected, so I don't socialize much with people, avoiding hearing harmful things. I can tell you now that I will not ever find love, even if I wanted it.


It all started with the boy of my dreams, added with my best friends. All the walls come crumbling down with just one connection. Love like no other and chain effects come together. There are surrenders and fights. Drama and pain. Deceit and lust. Friendship and family. Decisions and morals. Hearts conflicting with minds.

This is a rivalry.


AN: I (tangledwebweweave) am posting this, but this is a "joint" story, meaning I am writing with another writer. She is writing the parts of Edward and Aly, and I am writing the parts of Ariana and Jacob. Enjoy the rest of the story, we know we did!

We don't own any connections or references!