This is one of my better works involving a series I'm doing called the Class 12-K series. This series is a sort of comedy version of my bit more serious story A Devil's Modern Tale, so it's not meant to be serious or in fact, taken to a logical sense. I have much fun with this series as it gets me off from making serious plots and just go with outright funny (although quite offensive in nature). And now, Let's begin shall we?

Class 12-K: The Random Fairy Tale Parody

Characters/Cast Roll:

Maxtaro Onimada/Bridge Worker 1: Our utter jerk of a Hero with a mushy heart of gold in this story. In the actual series, he is a half demon in a world like ours.......but with demons and magic. He's a jerk, and rarely shows his nice side (which we may or may not see in this story). XD

Baku Mori/Bridge Worker 2: Our second hero and Maxtaro's best friend. He's also a jerk but is not as mean spirited as Maxtaro.........but he also has his moments.

Kyoko Hino/Goddess 1: Our Heroine in the story and Maxtaro's girlfriend. She's a hot head and is very capable of combat........this doesn't help her from being a damsel in distress due to the plot in this story.

Nagase Omiko/Goddess 2: Our second Heroine and Kyoko's best friend as well as Baku's Girlfriend. Out of all, she's the nicest of the group and is just as skilled as Kyoko in the martial arts...........but she is trapped in the same plot reasons (they don't like this at all and actually challenges this).

Ami Onimada/ill Aunt: Maxtaro's Aunt. She is a heavy drinker, gambler, and is a very dangerous woman. Maxtaro has a love/hate thing with her (although hate is the majority)

Kana Mori/The Little Sister: Baku's..........actual little sister. She's slightly just as blunt as her brother.

Narrator: a Narrative Box that in some parts of the actual series, is pretty much the most annoying thing to the characters. He's insulting.........very much so.

Lord Madeforthisstory: The main villain of this story and this story alone.......the name gives it off.

Zaraki/Guardian of the Forest: Some nutcase/known pervert who protects trees who the heroes sometimes use as a punching bag. Actual series is the same.........only without the tree part.

Jen, Ayame, and Miko: they had a minor role in this story. Jen is cynical, Ayame is useless, and Miko is very shy in the actual series.

Renton, Brad, Buzz, and Feeler Bot (FB): Serves as comrades in the story later with Zaraki. Renton is level headed, Brad is Male Ayame, Buzz is very smart....but is ignored a lot, and FB is a robot all in the actual series.

Ryo and Gen: Maxtaro and Baku's rivals and good friends. Ryo is a fightng expert and quite violent and Gen is quite more reserved.

And many more later on.

Some notes to add about the story:

1. Almost all the characters are slightly jerks

2. A lot of things are offensive (in my opinion so don't take it seriously)

3. things are mostly inspired by other actual works to do this

4. It's scripted so don't expect much out of me sadly

5. Think of this as a comic of the Anime/Manga variety

6. It's supposed to be set in the Feudal Era of Japan but our characters are just too cynical or genre saavy to follow character and are even aware this is a story

Alright, now that we got that out of the way, let's have fun with this as the best we can! ^_^ Starting with Chapter 1!