A razor, a thin blade to alter destiny

A slender wrist, trembling under the cool metal

Life flashes before her eyes

Laughter that turns into cries

The first cut is made

Too late to turn back

Rivulets of crimson blood

Sliding down that slender wrist

The pain is sharp, and so is the blade.

Another cut is drawn across

Blood is seeping down the wrist

Dripping on the floor

Staining carpet with garnet memories

Tears drop out of her eyes

Onto the slender wrist

Mixing into the ruby stream

Flowing out of her delicate wrist.

Razor is switched from left to right

To slit the other delicate wrist

The razor grazes the porcelain skin

Another cut waiting to begin

Its journey down her arm, and onto the floor.

Life is seeping out of her

Only minutes left of life

She looks around her

Seeing memories of a little girl

A girl whose parents were proud

A girl who did well in school

A girl that doesn't want to die.

She falls to the floor

Blood is pouring out too fast

She cannot call for help

Nobody is home.

Destined to die alone

Her vision blurs into black

Her eyes close softly

Never to open again.